Ladybug's Lunch Bags Week Three

I don't get to see Ladybug off to school in the morning, so I decorate her lunch bags everyday to let her know I'm thinking about her.

Weeks OneTwo

MONDAY - Shamu - This one was done when the storm took the power out Sunday night

TUESDAY - A Ladybug. Reasons apparent.

WEDNESDAY - Spectacular Spider-Man - FRONT
WEDNESDAY - Spectacular Spider-Man Logo - BACK

THURSDAY - Dino. Per request from Nana.  Unfortunately Ladybug did not know who it was. 

FRIDAY - Johnny Test.  One of her favorite cartoons before we axed cable.

I realize the picture quality sucks, but I think I figured out what is wrong with the camera on my phone.  The quality of the photos should be better next week.

Have a great day my friends.


  1. I offered to draw on my husbands lunch bag (our kids have lunchboxes) but he declined.

    Pfft, he's no fun.

  2. Somebody's a Spiderman fan, no? Great work.


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