Cheering the Bad Guy.

I enjoy watching the spectacle which is professional wrestling.  When I go to events, I'm the obnoxious guy cheering for the bad guys and complaining the ref has something against them when the good guy wins.  I don't have anything against the good guy really, it's because the bad guy is pretty awesome. And I just like to tick people off in the crowds.

Reverend Shaw Moore played by John Lithgow
Later this year I will be cheering another bad guy.

We just found out MaddSkillz is set to play Reverend Shaw Moore in his school's upcoming adaptation of Footloose this semester.  

Right now, he's a somewhat bummed he didn't get Ren (played by Kevin Bacon in the original movie).  It's his Senior year and he wanted the main role.  It's understandable he was wanting the part, but in my opinion the antagonist is better than his counterpart.  They're so set and so passionate in their mission, they can just exude invincibility and greatness.  Even when their ideals are skewed.

MaddSkillz is going to be that great antagonist.  The craft that he has honed the past few years of acting is going to just explode on stage later this year.

And I for one could not be prouder of my son.  Because I know he will be an awesome bad guy.


  1. The Rev Dad in Footloose turned out to be good in the end.

    Nice score by Madskilz. Congrats to him.


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