You may or may not recall earlier this year we were given temporary custody of KC's baby cousin.

For those of you who don't like clicking on links here's the story anyways:


KC's cousin is bad news.  Drugs, abuse, theft, victim of drive bys.  Yeah, stuff like that.  His girlfriend got pregnant and he didn't change, but only brought his girlfriend down the same road he was going.  They had a baby and again, things did not change.

CPS was finally called and the baby (at 2 months old) was taken from them (the mother was living with the boyfriend and would not/could not move) and placed in a shelter.  KC's cousin called us and asked if we could take care of the baby.  KC was like, I'll talk to Eric.  Eric was like "Aw Hell Naw".

Eventually I thought of reasons why it was best, versus why it wouldn't work.  So in the middle of January, the baby moved into an already crowded Boltonshire.


When the baby moved in, we were told we could not post pictures or information on the internet.  Even though three people read my blog (two of them being my mother and mother-in-law), it didn't make a difference, I could not talk about the baby in this forum.  But when I shared the story on here, we called her "D".

As hard as it was not to include her in the heroic adventures of the Bolton Clan.  I purposely negated her from the stories aside from a brief mention.  It was hard omitting that part of my life since I pretty much put it all out here in some form or another.  It hindered my blogging on account of it.

Well the past nine months have been challenging.   Right when we were not pregnant for an entire year, we got another infant to change the dynamic of the family.  Everyone adjusted great.  The kids love their cousin and treat her just like they do each other.

Which is good and possibly bruising.

KC has been AMAZING during this entire time.  She treated D as one of her own.  Hugging and kissing and getting frustrated with her just like she would one of the kids.  D became a member of our family and didn't know any better.

We were there when she rolled over for the first time.  When she sat up for the first time.  Her first time crawling, standing, taking steps, falling down, and eventually walking.

We were also there for ear infections, tubes, breathing treatments, and teething.

Oh that dang teething.  

That kid cut 32 teeth in the past six months and she did not like it.

Monday was her birthday and she turned 1.  We had a little party for her like we do the other kids.  Tuesday she had her 12 month check up and she's doing fine.

Yesterday was also her last day with us.

Her mother completed all of her mandatory classes in order to be given full custody of D again.  She's dropped KC's cousin (who is still bad news) and is doing well.

The feeling of her leaving was bittersweet.  On one hand, with one less baby  in the house (especially one who can be VERY needy) it gives us, especially KC, more time to focus on our major plans for the family.  The other hand was, well she's been part of the family and she is going to be dearly missed.

By the way, her name is Destiny.

It was very hard for my wife, she did not want to let her go.  But we extending membership of our family to include Destiny and her mother.  I don't see it as her going away forever.  She's a family member who we will see often because of the bond between us and her.  She'll be invited to the kids' birthday parties, to Thanksgivings and Christmases.

It's not "Good Bye", it's "See you soon."

And for the record, my wife is amazing.  She did an outstanding job taking care of Destiny.  Destiny is so much better today because of her and her decision to fight for the baby almost a year ago.  I know the foundations that were laid this year for Destiny will no doubt be carried on with her for the rest of her life.

Have a great day my friends.


  1. What a sweetheart! I'm sure she will forever be blessed for being a part of your family for that time. I'm proud of Destiny's mother; it takes a lot of discipline and love for her baby to make those kinds of changes. And by the way, lavender oil is excellent for teething. :) Just make sure it's pure, that it can be ingested. Wish I had known that when my kids were babies.

  2. You have NO IDEA how close to home this story hits. I too can not (and do not want to) open up this portion of my life, but just know that I am grateful knowing that I am not alone.



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