Before KC and I were married, she told me I would be responsible for  MaddSkillz' hair (in regards to keeping it cut, styled, whatever).  Well, about six months later, MaddSkillz decided he wanted to let it grow out and since I was all about short hair, I was no longer in charge of his hair.

So then it was amended to I will be responsible for making sure "our boys'" hair will be cut and kept.  Cool.  I can do that.

Now, just to get this out of the way upfront, my wife and those that know me have seen my hair get rather, how you say? Ummm.. oh yes.. Poofy.  Now this isn't a fashion statement, nor is it a representation of how I take care of myself.  It's all monetarily.  If me getting a hair cut twice a month costs thirty bucks, and thirty bucks could also provide for the kids somehow, I'll go poofy.  I also have a 10 dollar pair of clippers I'll just buzz my hair if it gets too crazy.

Back to the story.

With MaddSkillz off my hands in regards to the hair department, my responsibilities were delayed again when Ladybug turned out to be a girl.  I had no say so in her hair style or when it should be cut.  I think it was finally cut around 18 months. 

Now I could be wrong, and I will admit that.  Tonight, KC will probably correct me and say it was 19 months at some random time and I will have no idea what she will be talking about.

I could be watching TV, and she will finally have time to read the blog and she'd go.. "IT WAS NINETEEN MONTHS!!"

Well around 18 months, Ladybug required a haircut, it was KC's call and Ladybug looked great.

Now remember when I said I was in charge of all the boys' haircuts.  Well that responsibility was lifted when Disco started having curly and wavy hair.  So now both my sons were becoming long haired hippies.  And the responsibility I was given in that regards was taken away.  

Seriously, why can't the responsibility of taking out the trash or fixing the brakes be taken from me? 
Take a look at how insane Disco's hair had gotten.

And my wife was fine with this.  At around 20 months or 21 according to KC, Disco's hair looked like a Kraken.  We were only a few days away from a family reunion and I said we needed to get his hair cut.  KC reluctantly took him, and the makeover was something Oprah and Michael Kohrs will be proud of.

Now the next two children to be born into the Bolton Clan were Celi and the Emsters.  Two girls and I have no say so in their hair.  This I understand.  Celi's hair is just beautiful and the Emsters', even though it can get Kraken Crazy after baths and in the morning, when it's all did up she's the cutest thing ever.

Their hair is off limits to me, but I just found out that I still have no say so with Ladybug, and I can still be vetoed when it comes to Disco.  This doesn't sit well with me.
Disco is a boy.  His first haircut is over, he's had plenty since.  I should have 50% ownership in his haircut.  Not 49%
Ladybug had her first hair cut LONG AGO and is not a girly girl.  She hates doing her hair and doesn't even wear pony tails.  Getting her ready is amount to having her bursh her own hair.  That's it.  My argument is I should be able to say, "Hey Ladybug, you want to get your hair cut?"  "Yeah, okay let's go."
Apparently this is an event that is worse than being unfaithful in a marriage.
It's not like it's Pocahontus long and I want to turn her into Catherine Zeta-Jones-Douglas from Chicago short.  It's shoulder length. 
Should I need permission to get her hair cut?  KC doesn't have to get my permission to do it.  Is it strictly a mother/daughter thing or is it an "I don't trust my husband" thing??
And it's not like I've even thought about taking Ladybug to get her haircut.  I've always let KC make that decision.  But this stems from a conversation we had after reading a friend's Facebook post and I was told I was denied for making any decisons in regards to her hair.

What do my three readers think?


  1. As long as you asked...

    Sorry, but I do agree... You NEED to ask permission about getting Ladybugs' hair cut or any of the children's hair get cut. It's just a personal thing with a Mom. It is like cutting off part of her arm or leg. How would you feel if they would cut off part of your arm without you knowing? They are still young. Maybe when the young Disco gets older and he wants Dad to take him, but right now, it is still part of Mom's soul.

  2. I have a say, but it isn't worth very much.

  3. By virture of being the dad, you get what say your wife gives you. Sad but true.

  4. First off, Adorable pics:)

    I had a similar experience... But the roles were reversed. I think maybe it just has to do with who is more "passionate" about the issue.

    My husband (ex) would not allow me to touch our daughter's hair (or mine for that matter). He liked long hair on women/girls, so that was basically the rule. Once I got my hair whacked off while pregnant and he had a fit. I refused to tell him where I went cause he was gonna go up there:(

    *I could have cut our daughter's hair, or mine, but I let him have control since it mattered so much to him. I thought it was nice cause he took interest... The other men I have known have had an "I don't care, its just hair" attitude.

  5. The Kraken!! Bwa-ha-ha!! Good one! I myself have more "Medusa" like hair in the mornings!! (snicker)

    Anyway - I have no say in the girls and little say with the boys..

    When they were younger, the Mother of Five buzzed all the boys hair - all the time - I did not know what kind of hair my boys had until they were around 12 years old...

    Then, they were old enough to have their own say - As long as it's not too bad - I let them do what they want (it grows back, right?)

    The girls on the other hand - NADA. ZILCH. ZERO. I offer to help with their hair - both the girls and the Mother of Five say no thanks..

    Even when I brush #5's hair - she complains that I give her "boy hair"...


    I think you are fighting a loosing battle there my friend!


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