Back at The Office.

I'm back to going into the office on a full time basis.  I've had the opportunity to work from home since October of 2009.  From October until April 2010 it was only a few days a week and then from that point until last week it was every day. 
The decision to work from home was based on a variety of reasons.  When I started we only had one vehicle.  Working from home part time gave KC the opportunity to schedule doctor appointments on days I was scheduled to be at home.  Eventually after I started working from home full time, it was a lot easier on her to schedule appointments.
The fact I didn't have to get up, get ready, and get out the door also helped when it came to the kids waking up in the morning.  Since KC had to handle the children all day, I took care of them until I had to log in.  It gave KC a little longer to sleep (although with the noise production for five kids, I don't know if it really helped).  The morning activities gave me more time with the kids as well as being able to walk Ladybug to the bus stop everyday.  On breaks and lunch I would be able to see KC and the children, which both parties enjoyed.  And of course there was the financial benefit or not having to use gas or buy a lunch.
A drawback of working from home was the fact I was working at home with four (eventually five) babies and a wife.  I worked in our bedroom which is adjacent to the kitchen and the living room.  I don't live in a recording studio so the walls are not soundproof.  Every once in a while, there were times when I would be working and a random child was playing, screaming or yelling and a caller would go, "Do you work from home?"  I'd feel horrible because that wouldn't be the only time there would be noise in the background.  It meant other people more than likely heard the noise but didn't say anything.
Working in the bedroom also caused problems when it came to nap time.  Now with two babies (The Emsters and D) both sleep in our room at night.  So there's no way they can sleep in the room while I'm working.  Now that I'm back at work, KC can throw the babies in their cribs when they're ready and not have to worry about keeping them quiet for my benefit.
There's also the commute time now that is taking away from everything.  I'm usually out of the house by 5:30am and get back at 5:30pm. That's four less hours spent at home.
The kids aren't big of fans of me going back to work.  For The Emsters, it's all she knew.  I've been working at home since the day she was born.  While it's great to get home and hear and feel the excitement of the children missing me.  It stinks that I've been gone all day and have to play catch up on what's going on and seem like I should be someone to listen to.

Their behavior the past couple days hasn't been the best.  I think they know mom is stressed so they're taking advantage of it.
I of course feel guilty because I'm at work training (which means sitting and not doing much), while she runs around in the summer heat with five kids.
While it may be tough for a while, I know my wife will pull through.  She does an awesome job with all the children and even though she is obviously stressed, they are all better off because she is the one taking care and teaching them.
Unless I become independently wealthy in the meantime, I won't be eligible to work from home again for another 15 months.

It's also a reason I may not frequent some of your blogs or have as many witty posts on Facebook.  If any of you even noticed.

Have a great day my friends.


  1. Wow, now I can follow your trip back to work...for when I get up the nerve to do it.

    Congrats (?) LOL!


    we are now: - come visit

  2. Good luck with everything. I'm sure it's a huge change. Things will get better and you will all get a routine going soon enough.

    Or just keep saying 'school starts soon. school starts soon'

  3. It's a change for your family - a transition... That's what has the kids all "off"..

    They will fall into the new schedule and groove - and you will adjust.

    My schedule changes three times a year - and it gets hard. (Usually the first two weeks are the hardest) - but we all find the new normal and transition.

    The hardest part may be for you... Not having the kids around as much as you had them - just make sure to make up for that later in the day!

    Best of luck to you!


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