PoV: Luke II

Luke Tenpenny sat on a park bench.  Elation filled his face as he looked upon the playground’s festivities.  Boys and girls off all ages were running to and fro, laughing and carrying on.  He feels incredible and enjoys being there, but one thing bothers him:
How the heck did I get here?
Luke had no idea why he was at this playground and why he was just sitting there watching the kids play.  He noticed other parents on the perimeter of the playground doing the same, but they were having more interaction with what he assumed were their children.  No one was making a fuss or even paid attention to the single guy hanging out at the playground.
As long as no one cared he was there, he didn’t either.  It felt right just to be in this place.  Wherever it was.
“Hey Daddy!”
Luke noticed a girl about five years old in a green and white flower dress waving in his direction from the top of the slide.  He smiled as she came down the curved slide.  She started running in his direction.  This little girl was beautiful.  Her dark hair flowed as she ran.  He smiled as he watched her run.  One arm wouldn’t bend as much as the other the faster she tried to run.  Luke looked around for the father of this lovely child and didn’t see anyone close to him.
That’s weird. 

Luke turned back to the girl, who was now standing in front of him with the most beautiful smile he’s ever seen.  It reminded him of when his wife would smile.  She stood there and looked in his eyes and he was transfixed.
“Daddy, did you see how fast I ran?”
“Yeah baby, you’re really fast.”
“It’s not time to go, Daddy.”
“Ok, baby.  We don’t have to go.”
“Good.  I love you, Daddy.”
“I love you too, Genesis!”

How the hell is that Genesis!?  Genesis died when ‘Licia miscarried was pregnant with her.

Where am I?  How did I get here?

Luke searched his mind to clinch on to some sort of revelation how he came to be here.
“Daddy, watch me!!!”
He heard her sweet voice over the laughter and voices echoing through the playground.  Genesis was at the top of the slide again waving to him.  He was a mix of emotions at right.  Happiness.  Confusion.  Joy.  Concern. Rapture.  Dread.  He wasn’t surprised much and he didn’t understand what was going on, but he didn’t want to leave.
“It’s not time to go, Daddy!!!”  She called out from the top of the slide.
“I know, baby.  We’re not going anywhere.”  He encouraged her as she sat on the top of the slide.
Genesis pushed off and started her way down the slide.  She would leave Luke’s eyesight for a fraction of second with the curve of the slide.  He advanced his eyes to the end of the slide to cheer her successful landing.
Only she never came back into view.

He still sat there unable to move.

Don’t just think it, call for her, idiot!
But Luke couldn’t open his mouth.  Nothing would come out.  He couldn’t get out of his bench either.  Just then what appears to be an 18 year old girl runs past him holding a dolphin folder.  She appears to be running for her life

As Luke is watching her run, a gunshot is heard and dolphin folder girl falls to the ground.  The sky turns dark blue and instead of laughing and playing, the children scream and hide.
Where’s Genesis?!?  Where the hell is Genesis?!?

Luke can not move from his bench.  He struggles and fights, but the bench is not letting go of him.  More and more teenagers and what appear to be students from where he teaches at Meadow Brook University.  Each one that passes him is shot down in front of him.
Amanda.  Lance.  Kailyn.
Blam! Blam! Blam!
Jacob.  Martha. Phil from Administration.  Jim.
Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam!
Luke can not take it anymore.  His  world is collapsing around him.  People are running and screaming.  Shots are being fired.  People are dying.  The sky is closed off and walls come up from the ground and enclose the playground with deathly mechanical sounds.  His joys drain to uncertainty as he is pinned against the bench as a kid in a trench coat and a creepy smile stops in front of him.
Creepy Kid?!?

Luke remembers now.  He was at Meadow Brook University, he had just got to class when some whacko pulled a fire alarm and started shooting people as they exited their classes.
Am I dead?!

“Not yet, but soon you will be.”  Creepy Kid said as he raised a gun at Luke and pulled the trigger.
He felt someone grab him and he fell from the bench.  He was now laying on the ground struggling to breathe. Beneath his head he felt someone holding him.
Is it to tend to my wound?  Where is Genesis?

Luke tries to increase his strength by enlarge to find her.
Was she shot?  Even if she isn’t supposed to be here.

“Daddy, it’s time to go now.”  came the new familiar voice of the angel.
“Okay, baby.  It’s time to go.”
Luke awoke confused in a hospital room on the floor with someone holding his head.
“Shut up you!  You killed my daughter.  Now you will die too you bastard.”
A Hispanic woman’s voice.  He couldn’t see what she was doing but he was scared.  He felt something sharp against his neck.
A man in a suit and tie tears open the curtain pointing a gun at the Hispanic Lady.
““Stay Back!”, the Lady cries out.  “I will kill him!!!”