PoV: Art

Detective Arthur “Art” Linus of the Meadow Brook Police Department, stood next to the vending machines adjacent to the emergency room waiting area of St. Juliet Hospital. It wasn’t even 11:00 on a Monday morning and his week was already off to a crap-tatsic beginning. He fiddled with the change in his pants pocket as he decided what to snack on. It’s not like he was hungry or needed anything to eat. It was he needed to pass the time while that bastard who just got out of surgery wakes up from anesthesia.

The TWIX looked quite delectable.

He blocked the noise and chatter from the adjoining room out.

The place was currently a mad house full of police, upset family members, and reporters. The wounded from the Meadow Brook University shooting were being brought in for treatment. This included the bastard. The guy responsible for all of this. The guy who walked into a school building after eight this morning and started shooting random people. Not just people, but kids. Kids his daughter’s age.

Thank God she joined the Army or she could have been here.

It was the only time he’s ever thought those words when it came to Alex joining the military. Then he laughed at himself because she’s really no safer in the Army with her current location.

Dammit! Not enough.

He pulled the money out of his pocket and examined what he had available. Art looked around to the Triage station and started to approach the desk to ask if they had any loose coins when his phone buzzed.


“Art, it’s Nate! There’s been a mix-up. Where’s the shooter?”

“He just got out of surgery a few minutes ago. What’s going on?”

“The bodies were switched. You don’t have the killer in the OR, you’ve got Tennpenny!”

“How do you know?”

“Tennpenny’s wife came to identify the body of her husband, it’s actually the shooter. If the guy you were with is still alive, then that means Luke is still alive.”

“Crap! I need to get to him ASAP. It’s been quiet, but as soon as word gets out he’s out of surgery. Someone who thinks he’s the killer may try something. I’ve got Bartlett at the door. I’m getting back there now.”

Art hangs up and his phone and makes his way through the throng hindering his path to the door. Having to claw his way past more and more people, the door seems to get further and further away.

Where the hell did all these people come from!?


That helped out some. Art was able to make it past the horde towards the OR hallway. He slams the silver square on the wall to open the doors. The slow moving doors barely open enough for him to slide through and continue running. Running past stations, doctors and patients in wheelchairs, he pays them no notice as he descends on room 15 and comes to a walk a few feet before


No answer.

Art takes another step towards the door and sees the police issued shoes of Officer Bartlett on the floor. He pulls his gun and and slowly enters the room. He looks down to see Officer Bartlett face down on the the floor with a syringe sticking out of his neck.  Art slowly moves to the curtain in front of the hospital bed, finds the edge of it and pushes it aside to see the bed empty.

The shooter.. I mean Tennpenny’s gone.

He turns around to tend to Bartlett when he hears a struggle behind the curtain.  Art throws it open to see feet kicking on the other side of the bed.   He advances around the bed with his gun pointed as he sees a woman in blue nurses scrubs, tears coming out of her eyes and the tip of a syringe about to puncture Luke’s neck.
“Stay Back!”, Blue Scrubs demands.  “I will kill him!!!”