Jeopardy Answers.

Sometimes life's answers can only be found in the form of a question.  Well here in Boltonshire, life's answers are ALWAYS in the form of a question.  When you have five children (six with D), you can become immune to most things that would not be found in any other home.

Take yesterday for instance.  If my life was a Jeopardy game board, the column topic would be this.

Now while it might now be a Daily Double answer or anything, this might be one for $800.

Outside these hills, someone might ask, "How did she manage to take off her diaper?", "What was she doing on the window sill?", or even "Where were her parents who could have prevented this from happening?"  Well those answers in the forms of questions are all 100% incorrect.

The obvious answer in the form of a question is in fact...