Empty Ambitions.

From Creative Copy Challange #152 - The words required are bold.
Oh, boy… I can’t believe this is actually happening.
Devin Allerdyce was excited, he finally got the call.  He was being called up to go on a special mission with the Captain and his top staff.  The timeliness of the event couldn’t have been planned any better.  He received notice while he was talking with his mother back home in Australia.   Mrs. Allerdyce mirrored her son’s excitement which meant the world to him.
Back home they thought he was crazy to dream big.  They told him he’d never leave.  He didn’t want to end up like his father.  He didn’t want to have to settle finding a local girl, cutting downEucalyptus trees, and running the family Hobby Horse business.  Devin saw himself more than that.
I guess I was a hit at the seminar last month.

Devin had given a presentation on interstellar navigation using natural resources.  In which the Captain was in attendance.  Afterwards, he came up to Devin and commended him on his presentation. It meant the world to Devin.
His time was now.  He was moving up the ladder.  He could sense promotion and more responsibility overflowing to him.  He was going to make his mark on this mission to cement his name as a “go to” guy.
Just then his communicator went off and he tapped the badge on his chest.
“Kirk to Allerdyce, we are all set to move out.  Transporter room in five minutes.”
“Aye, Captain!”
This was it.  He was minutes away from exploring a feral environment with Captain James T. Kirk, Federation Legend.  He had his phaser already set to stun and looked extremely awesome in his freshly pressed red uniform shirt.  What could go wrong?