I'm not sure if I've been having problems with my comments because I'm not getting any through disqus.  So I took off the widget in hopes to see if it's disqus itself or my readers disdain for my blog.

I've apparently lost all comments on all my posts.  Although this may be due to me changing to the domain name.  I've just been too busy to research.

Either way you can leave posts via blogger until I figure out what the issue is.

Be sure to comment on my current giveaways if you feel like commenting.  If not, some family member is going to be real happy with me...

Lands' End Polo Shirt Giveaway
WWE Action Figure Giveaway
Outback Steakhouse $45.00 Giveaway


  1. Unfortunately, I don't comment on the blogs that use Disqus as often as I should.

    I never remember the password and have to go back and reset it all the time...

    Blooger remembers who I am and I can leave a comment very easily (even when you switch domain names.

    Just out of curiosity - what are the benefits of Disqus (as a blogger) -


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