Bank Error In Your Favor.

Saturday morning, KC was balancing the checkbook and paying bills when she let out an "OH MY GOODNESS!!!"

It wasn't a pissed off frustrated "O My G!" which told me there was money left.

"Someone wire transferred $50,000 into your savings account!!!"

Crap, she found out.  I thought Saul my lawyer would be less obvious about the deposit into a shared account.    You see, I started making Meth with this guy named Jesse because I have terminal lung cancer and I wanted to make sure my family was supported  after I died.

No wait, that's Walt from Breaking Bad.  Which I'm excited starts Season 4 next month.

Or maybe I created an algorithm that compounds the interest that uses all these extra decimal places that just get rounded off. So I simplified the whole thing, I rounded them all down, drop the remainder into my savings account.  I just happened to put a decimal in the wrong place. 

No wait, that's Office Space. Wrong Bolton.

But yes.  Some Nigerian Prince benefactor finally came through on a promise and deposited the money he's been promising me since I first got email back in 1995.  Honest to goodness $50,000 was in my bank account.

We called the bank and they couldn't help us because the wire transfer department wasn't open on Saturday.  We'd have to wait until Monday.  That's cool.  Now I can go out and apply for loans based on the amount of money in my savings account.

I started to pretend spending the money in my mind.

Pay off the bills.  Pay off the van.  Fix the van. Put grass in the front and back yards.  Fix the fence and fix up the house.  Even in my imagination, I was still being practical.  Because I knew this wasn't going to be ours to keep.

I called the bank on Monday morning, talked to the wire transfer department and it turns out it's not ours to keep.


The reason for the mistake was someone keyed in the wrong account number.  Mistakes happen, so I understand.  What bothers me is there was someone that did not notice $50,000 was not transferred to their account on Thursday.

So they took it out and I was not a pretend thousandaire any longer.

Not that I expect my readers to break the law, but what would you have pretend spent the money on while it waited in your account to be removed?

Have a great day my friends.


  1. "Thousandaire" - I LOVE that term!!

    My "plans" would have been the same (or similar) to yours....

    Pay bills. Repair or replace my "daily commuter" with another "affordable" commuter (about 2k worth - maybe even spurge on a 4k commuter). Hardwood floors for the Kitchen, Dining Room, Living room and hallway.

    I did have something similar happen to me as a young man... Only it involved $1,000 instead of $50,000.

    It was almost the same scenario too - a "wire transfer" that someone keyed in the wrong number.

    I think you should have gotten a reward!

  2. Well I'm pretty sure I would have pretend spent the money on a down payment for a house (since we rent now). If I was a homeowner I would do like you and fix it up:)

    Although, I would have thought about buying a brand new vehicle (just for a second though). I would love to have something that no one else has ever driven, that special vehicle that I have always wanted but couldn't afford.
    But I would have reasoned my way out of that idea because I have several older vehicles that still get me where I am going, so buying a house would be the best bet!

    It is weird how just thinking about money makes people excited. It is so true though. Even if you know it is going away, it is nice to dream about how it could make your life better.

  3. I'm like the Father of Five... I like your word "THOUSANDAIRE"! GREAT Term for your, only for a short time money!

    My 'Pretend Plans' would have been almost the same as yours. I'm almost done paying for my home so I would have given some of that money towards the house payments. Of course Pay Bills is at the top of the list! Since I've been trying to pay them off this would have really helped!

    Then I would have put a huge down payment on a new car! Our two vehicles are 15 years old and we really need a new vehicle.

    But again, like the Father of Five, I totally agree that there could have been some sort of reward given. If it were me and my $50,000 wire transfer did not go into my savings account, that is one thing I would have noticed!

    I thought the Banks had some sort of Checks and Balances system where they could tell if it went into the proper account. Banks are definitely NOT like they used to be. The person making the wire transfer did not even notice the money went into the wrong account and not the account it should have gone into.


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