Not Listening To Your Wife Pays

I hate the trees in my front yard.  They're huge and cause me problems.  They like to grow and try to ruin my roof (which we replaced a couple months ago).  They even crushed the main pipe leaving the house which caused poop to not go down the toilet and empty out in the front yard.  Birds enjoy sitting on the limbs and poop on our cars.

We've arrived at many family events with our van covered in poop because KC we always run late.

So large brush pick up is one of my favorite times of year.  I dream of getting a chainsaw and sending those trees back to their maker every year.  Every year they laugh and taunt me when I can only do the bare minimum.  We usually end up getting them trimmed which takes a good deal of branches off, but the following year it's like nothing happened.

This year was no different.  We get notice they are coming to pick up our brush and the tree trimmers come around making their offers to trim my crappy trees.  Instead of the trees trimmed, I want them down.

We started getting offers that started at $700 to cut them down.  Then I believe it was $490, and someone finally said they would do it for $290.  We still had to think about it and see if we could still afford that price.

Now they usually talk with KC because they ring the doorbell during the day while I'm working and she conveys the info to me.

So yesterday after dinner some people came and they said they talked to my wife and wanted to know what we were going to do.  KC had a bad headache and was lying down, so I told her we had a bid to cut one down for $190 earlier that day (KC conveyed the info while I was on the phone).

They were like hmmmmm...  They looked at the trees and said they would do it for $180, but they had to do it right then.  I said I'll be right back after I check with KC.

I tell her about the people outside and their offer and told her how we came to that offer.  She asked if it was a lady in a pink shirt.  I said yes. Turns out THEY were the people from earlier and I just made them bid against themselves.

Turns out, $190 was not an offer at all.  They were going to cut one down and trim the other for $275 or something, but would "trim" both trees for $150.

Right now, KC is rolling her eyes because I probably still got the numbers wrong.

I had no idea where I got $190 from, but I'm glad I spit it out because I'm getting rid of half of those crappy trees and getting the other one trimmed.

Here's a pic from GoogleMaps Street View of the crappy trees.

And here's a recent one from inside MaddSkillz room (I was too afraid and just go out there and take a picture because I didn't want them to think I was taking pictures of their work).

And here is a picture of the tree now.

New GoogleMaps Street View
MaddSkillz room view

So guys.  Sometimes it pays not to listen to your spouse.

Have a great weekend my friends.