Increased Household Income.

Between four and fifteen and a half years ago, KC and I told MaddSkillz we would match dollar for dollar on a purchase of a vehicle for him once he turned sixteen.  It wasn't an empty promise and hoping he would forget our deal as much as it was a challenge for MaddSkillz to work and save money for something he wanted.

If he could only raise one hundred bucks, then so be it.

MaddSkillz and manual labor haven't always been best friends.  In fact, MaddSkillz would pretend to text when manual labor came walking down the hallway.  He's had chores and he's gotten an allowance when he does them.  The past couple years he's been flooded with school work and extra curricular activities.  

We made him see his chores as an employee would working for someone.  No pay if you don't do your job.  Basically his allowance wasn't a weekly gift for being a wonderful non-argumentative teenager.  So his pay for the past two years of high school hasn't been real impressive.

He does however tend to rake the money in when it's his birthday and then again at Christmas time.  Recently his money was used for spending on his recent trip to New York.  So now he's close to $0.00 and his birthday is four months away.

Even the Emsters knows that if you double zero dollars, you still have zero dollars.  

Recently, MaddSkillz told me, "You have no idea how bad I want a car."

"Uh.. Yeah I do!"

"No, you don't.  You have no idea how bad I want one."

"Again, uh.. yeah I do!"

"You don't understand..."

"Dude do you realize I was 15 at one point in my life as well?!?!?"

"Oh yeah.  I sometimes forget you weren't born 30 years old."

"If you want to get a car and you still want us to match, you need to get your butt in gear and earn the money because your birthday isn't anytime soon. "

Then last week, he decided it was time to start applying places.  With the recent invention of the internet, we didn't have to go around to different places to ask pimply-faced managers for applications. MaddSkillz applied for a few jobs from his mother's computer last Sunday.  The next he got a call from one of them asking him to come in for an interview.

Yadda yadda yadda we ended up going last minute shopping late last night for his work uniform.

He starts orientation tonight and will be working on weekends.  So if you want to go pay him a visit, just ask where he works and you can go request the "Juggling Eric Discount".  The coupon is below.