Higher Resolution.

I love my grandparents.  I'm blessed to still have them around.  I am their oldest grandchild.  Which means when I was a child, the gates of Heaven would open up and I would be spoiled with whatever it is I desired.  I did everything right and nothing I did was wrong.

That is until I started having children and giving them great-grandchildren.

Now nothing they do is wrong and every time I get on to them for doing nothing wrong, I'm the one who is wrong.

Where in the Grandparent / Grandchild Handbook is this disclaimer?

Case in point, the other day KC called them to see how they were and to let them know what was going on in Boltonshire.  She mentioned that pretty much every kid has been sick the past couple weeks, but all in all we're doing okay.

Well my grandmother said she got the picture I sent them of the kids washing the van.

This one here.

Well she said it's no wonder they're all sick, I let them wash the van in their bare feet.

Obviously my grandparents need a higher resolution screen.  Those kids are indeed shoe footed.


  1. Grandparents (great-grandparents)...

    Gotta love 'em!

    How nice that they are still around to enjoy your family! I'd give just about anything to have mine back - even just for a day.

    Great post - thanks for the smile this morning!!


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