How To Fix Your A/C Unit in 33 Easy Steps.

STEP 1: Have your wife tell you the A/C isn't working
STEP 2: Change the filter because that fixed the problem last time.

STEP 3: Have your wife tell you it's still not working.

STEP 4: Tell her to chill and the coils just need time to defrost.

STEP 5: Repeat STEP 3.

STEP 6: Tell her to chill again. It's the beginning of January and you have 3 good months of cool weather before it starts getting hot and it NEEDS to be fixed.

STEP 7: Have her remind you you live in Texas. 

STEP 8: Look on internet for what might be wrong. 

STEP 9: Have your stomach knot up because you don't have the money to have someone come and fix an A/C unit. 
STEP 10.

STEP 10: A month later, have your dad and brother look at it and you stand behind them with the screw driver. 

STEP 11: Have your wife remind you every hour how hot it is in the house. 

STEP 12: Tell her we are blessed to have windows that can open.

STEP 13: Sleep on the couch. 

STEP 14: Secretly laugh because the joke is on her, it's cooler in the living room than the bedroom. 

STEP 15: Repeat STEP 11.

STEP 16: With income tax refund, go and buy the part. 

STEP 17: Have the part store tell you they only sell to companies wholesale and not to n00bs who think they can fix their own A/C unit. 

STEP 18: Eventually find a place that will sell to you. Get there and find out they only have half of what you need. 

STEP 19: Wait for the part to come in four days later. 

STEP 20: Keep repeating STEP 11 until STEP 19 has been completed. 

STEP 21: In the decreasing daylight after your daughter's T Ball practice, attempt to put the A/C unit back together. 

STEP 22: Go to Home Depot for things you don't have (i.e. flashlights your kids haven't confiscated and used all the batteries). 

STEP 23: In the electrical section, come to the realization that you didn't check or even think to check the gauge of the wire connections. 
STEP 24: Buy different sizes in bulk and hope for the best. 

STEP 25: Get home and realize you somehow left two of the things you need at the store. 

STEP 26: Return to Home Depot. 

STEP 27: In a reversal of your years as a child, have your dad hold the flashlight as you splice wires, tighten bolts, and make the connections. 

STEP 28: Put everything back together and realize you have extra screws. 

STEP 29: Holler at wife from outside who is repeating STEP 11 and ask her to turn on the A/C. 

STEP 30: Pray to God as you're waiting for the unit to start and it doesn't blow up. 

STEP 31: The unit should start and not blow up. 

STEP 32: Celebrate like you're going to get some for your outstanding A/C repair. 

STEP 33: Write about it on your blog.