Eye Burner.


It's been really busy as of late and that is my excuse for posts that are crap and far between.  But I felt inclined to share a story about an event today.

During break today, I had to use the restroom.  And by use the restroom, I really mean it.  I try to go to the restroom when the kids are busy because they like to join me in there.  They sit on the potty stool across from me and just hang out.  I find it somewhat annoying.  I mean, I'm there reading some comics in the crapper or checking Facebook on my phone and they want to have a conversation.

Well Celi saw that I was making the trip to the Oval Office and she wanted to come along.  She sat in her normal space and I sat in mine and we both did what we had to do.  A few minutes later, Disco opens the door.

Seriously?!?! Why the heck didn't I lock it?!?!

So Disco is standing there with the door open and starts talking to Celi.

Disco: Celi, what do you think about going outside to play later?  I personally want to play the Wii.

Celi: I would like to go outside and play.

Disco: Ok, that works.  Maybe we can do it after Ladybug gets home from school.

Celi: Sounds perfect!!

Daddy: HEY!!! This isn't a town hall meeting!! Close the stinkin' door and you guys can talk later!!!

I force Disco out and finish up.  Celi is still sitting there starts to cry and exclaims...

Celi: Daddy!! My Eyes Are Burning!!!

Daddy:  Really?!? Really, Celi??  This is the last time you are allowed in here with me.

You would think she was that Asian Dude from Raiders of the Lost Ark!!!