An Open Letter To The Current Power Rangers.

Dear Samurai Power Rangers, 
c/o Master Ji.

There is no doubt that my kids' favorite TV show right now is Power Rangers Samurai.  We have every episode of the current season recorded and they watch the show on a daily basis.  My children emulate the characters and secretly hope to be chosen to be Power Rangers once they've mastered their skills.

Along with kicking monster butt (which I will get to soon), your show has character centric episodes and flashbacks that deal with bullying, self esteem, commitment, etcetera.  It's like Lost without Kate running into the jungle, finding a trail, and causing a love triangle.  The fighting is not seen as violence because it's shown as a way for good to prevail and douche bag monsters with horrible designs and even worse puns to be destroyed.

But what my kids do not notice is the general lack of concern for collateral damage in your TV show.  I honestly have not witnessed as much collateral damage as the Power Rangers have caused since we stayed at the beach house in Port Aranasas in 2009.

Take this scene above.  You guys just dropped a stinkin' bomb on the bad guy.  He gets engulfed in a giant ball of fire in the middle of a mall parking lot.  Sure it's probably eight in the morning on a Saturday and there shouldn't be that many people at the mall already, but there's always an old person in a track suit doing laps around the inside perimeter.  You don't think this plan of attack is a little too close to civilians.

Now what you fail to realize (and you would think they would know this by now after seventeen seasons), that once you blow the jerk up, he comes back ginormous.

Like this dude right here.  Once he get's all big and stuff, you pull out your Zords, get big as well and get your Voltron on.  But have you noticed you are walking on innocent people and their vehicles?  Sentinals are more considerate of human property when hunting mutants than you guys are when trying to kill Gigantor.

Once you're done stepping on everything in your way, the monster blows up in the middle of downtown taking out delis and parking garages for medical centers.

This happens every episode.

Have you even thought about getting him away from populated areas? You do realize you were better off with him as an annoying runt, right?  Why hasn't there been a U.S. led NATO attack on you with all the damage you've caused?

Here's a suggestion for next time.  When you have the d-bag going outside the Orange Julius harassing chicks, just take your flying lizard unicorn Zord, pick him up and launch his arse into outer space.

Maybe in your next staff meeting, Master Ji, you can give them the idea.  I know I didn't go to or graduate from Power Ranger Academy, but it appears no one on the show did either.

Eric D. Bolton
Concerned Bystander.