A Bad Penny.

So I’ve been pretty lame as of late.  I guess that happens for me about every six months or so.  Part of it had to do with just not having the time any longer to even type a few words and hit submit.   Some of it had to do with my kids just not doing interesting things for a while.  

A lot of it was because I just didn’t want to.  I didn’t feel like putting anything else out there.  Part of me would just didn’t want to blog anymore.   I contemplated just stopping altogether.  It would not have made a difference or affected any body’s life if I left the blogosphere.  Yet even though I haven’t posted anything of real substance in over a month (or some may think longer), I still have over 80 subscribers.

For what reasons I don’t know.  

Because of this fact, I felt I at least owed those of you who read, comment and lurk an adios and farewell.  I needed to thank you guys for visiting my blog on a daily basis to read my pointless stories and attempts at humor.  It would have been real crappy of me to just leave you guys hanging.

Truth is, I miss writing and would like to get back in the habit of posting on a regular basis.  I sometimes feel I force my kids to be the stars of the blog and rely on them to do something new and unique every day.  Don’t get me wrong, my kids provide my wife and I with laughter and pain on a daily basis. Yet keeping a chronicle of their every step is arduous, unnecessary, and puts pressure on them they don’t even know about.

So what I’m going to do is a little revamping on what I blog about.  I pretty much have been considered a “Dad Blogger” since 99% of the time I was telling stories about my children.  But since I’m taking off the unknown pressure of constantly being entertaining while providing the universe with some learned moral epiphany from my kids, I’m going to just call myself a blogger who happens to be a dad.

While my primary duties are husband and father, I will no doubt be blogging about those topics more than others, but I’m not going to corn-hole myself into a particular topic or theme everyday.    I’d like to other topics like my faith,  some creative ideas or works I’ve done, hot topics, being random with no real point, comics, movies, and even talk about how some people can be idiots.

The only one I probably won’t touch is my job, even though it is a soul destroying Death Star.    

There you go.

It might take you a while to decide if you’re happy about this.

Have a great day my friends.