Since You've Been Gone.

 I think six kids is our threshold.

Not that D is anything different than the other kids, she was just in a getting accustomed to everything and everyone.  We have two cribs in our room and were afraid of dueling babies at night, so for I think a week or a little longer I was sleeping on the couch next to D in the bassinet.  

But once D started sleeping at night in her own crib, Emsters starting getting up at night.   It's been a habit of hers for almost three weeks now.  KC and I would trade off nights with her and D so together we would log about eight hours of sleep

for the week...


We've been a one vehicle family for almost three years now.  We bought the Dragon Wagon shortly after Celi was born.  It was perfect for a family of six.  Thirty minutes after pulling the new van into the driveway, we find out we're pregnant with the Emsters.

Perfect for six. Stretching it for seven.

Four of which sit in car seats of some kind.

I work at home so it's not that big of deal with just  the one car, but the possibility is approaching where I need to start going into the office again.  So we kinda needed a new vehicle eventually.

Then with D here.  There is no way in the world we could fit 8 people in the van.  Someone's staying home when we go places like family functions or church.  If it's on the weekend MaddSkillz is with his father, than it's cool.  But on our weekends, not so much.

So months ago, I told KC I started praying someone would give us a vehicle.  She said she had been praying for one too.  We couldn't afford a new payment and it didn't need to replace the Dragon Wagon, just to supplement it.

A week after D arrived, KC's uncle gave us a call and offered up his Suburban to us.  It was a legit answer to our prayers as we never told anyone about our requests.


Story about the Suburban.

MaddSkillz started Night School too since I last talked to you guys.  That's another story for later.  KC usually takes him in the van, while I try to get the evening thing started with the kids here.  Well, she had to take D to an appointment which was going to interfere with the pick up and drop off of MaddSkillz.  So I loaded up the Triad in the Sub to pick him up and drop him off.

During the drive I made the following mental notes:

  • Driving a new to you vehicle can be kind of frustrating when you're still trying to figure out all the little idiosyncrasies it holds.
  • It being a ginormous 1990 Suburban, a bit more frustrating. 
  • Add five o'clock traffic to it, even more frustrating.
  • Taking a wrong turn when you should have known better and it takes 20 minutes to get back to where you want to be where you took the wrong turn, slightly more frustrating.
  • Having your five year old daughter keep asking "is this the right road?", "this doesn't look right?", "is everything okay, Daddy?" IS THE MOST FRUSTRATING THING IN THE WORLD!!!  
You can't get mad at her because she's just trying to help.

I hope everyone is doing well.  Have a great day my friends.