Last Minute and Getting Done Early.

MaddSkillz likes, no LOVES, to tell us things last minute.  Usually it's after his shower at night on the way to bed.  KC and I are chilling out obviously exhausted from the day serving in Boltonshire.  His updates are usually something like this:

"They're having an event at school tomorrow evening.  They cancelled practice, but I told them I would be there set up, park all the cars, collect the money. work the lights and be the master of ceremonies."

"How long have you known about this?"

"Just today!"

"Seriously?!  What time is it over, because Eric has class tomorrow night."

"I'm not sure."

We almost always make it work in some fashion or another, but the lack of information at the last minute is MaddSkillz mutant power.

Another example was two days before this past Christmas Break.  MaddSkillz comes to us and said he wants to graduate early.

A year early.

As in May of 2012 versus May of 2013.

It's cool and all, but he dropped this on us Thursday evening before he's off for two weeks when the counselor would not be at school on Friday.  This gave us no information and two weeks of not being able to do anything until school started back up.

We asked him why he wanted to graduate early, and it's pretty much he hates high school.  While MaddSkillz is quite social, he hates how the teachers have to cater to the ones who don't do their work and keep the rest of the class down so they can catch up.  He just wants to get it over with and start college.

Well MaddSkillz is still 15.  His birthday is in August, so that will make him sixteen when he possibly graduates.  That's all cool, but none of us are informed on if colleges accept applications from a sixteen year old or if could start at 17.  It's all new to us and again, nothing we can do about it until Christmas was over.

So he followed through with his counselor and got all the paper work and got permission to be on a fast track program the remainder of his high school career.  He is taking night school courses and is going to take a couple classes this summer.  So by the time school starts in August, he'll be a senior.

And about 15 months from now, he'll be graduated from high school.

Which means he'll be paying rent 12 months sooner than I thought.