Dr Pepper Intervention

Lately I've been thinking my wife isn't as crazy as previously concluded. Every week it's the same thing.  "This is all the Dr Pepper we have left?" or "Who drank all the Dr Pepper?"

Well duh!!!

She gets mad when we waste food.  I'm just preventing the canned goodness from going to waste.

A couple times a day.

Maybe I do drink to much Dr Pepper (if there is such a thing).  But for a while now, I've grown bored of Dr Pepper.  The type of boredom where I ask if enjoyment of this magnitude is really necessary.  In addition to a theory I had about a medical issue, I finally came to the decision I was going to go on a Dr Pepper fast for thirty days.

I told KC so I could be held accountable.

Now this wasn't Dr Pepper only, it includes any caffeinated product.

Here are my thoughts for the past few days..

Day 1:  This isn't so bad.  I definitely wanted to pop a can of Dr P like I do most mornings when I start working, but I was able to make it through the day with out any issues.

Day 2:  Excruciating headache ALL day.  Already wanting to give up.  I've taken Advil and Tylenol.  Nothing is working.  I'm thinking about taking up smoking crack to take the edge off.

Day 3:  Honestly with my demographic and my background and experience, I have no way to find a crack dealer.  I guess I could ask but today wasn't all that bad.  We had 7up from this weekend's BBQ with my brother, I've been drinking that.  KC makes a comment about me substituting one bad thing for another.  I remind her that I'm cutting out caffeine, not strictly drinking water for 30 days.  I also remind her that her encouraging skills are rusty.  I also went to the store to see if they had caffeine free Dr Pepper.  They only had it in the 12 pack.  I didn't get it because I don't know how it tastes.  I'm looking for a single can or bottle to try it out first.

Day 4:  The headache is back.  A sip of Dr P and a few Advil will get rid of it.  But I must continue.  My wife can be very tempting.  She's seriously setting me up for disaster.  She can get migraines quite often.  She takes the pain off with some Tylenol and some Dr Pepper.  The only thing is she NEVER finishes the can.  She leaves it our or puts it back in the fridge.  So when I go to make the kids' breakfast this morning, these guys are calling my name.

Just a little sip.  No one would know, right?  Honestly no one would.  But I would know.  I ignore them where they sit and stare longly into their open tabs.  Thinking about how they miss me and I can't be with them.