The Foofa Conversation.

Yesterday, Celi (2YO) comes up to me and hands me a sheet of paper she had been coloring.

Celi:  Here daddy.

Daddy:  Thanks Belly.. What is it?

Celi:  I draw Foofa.

Daddy:  You drew Foofa?

Not The Drawing. But This is Foofa from Yo Gabba Gabba

Celi:  Yeah, I draw Foofa.

Daddy:  That's very good, baby!  (We encourage the kids even when what they're trying to accomplish  ends up no where near what they feel it is.  I mean it could have been Foofa if she was hit by an ice cream truck and then rinsed off against a curb with a water hose.  Just saying.)

Celi:  I draw Foofa pooping.

Daddy:  I'm sorry, what?

Celi:  I draw Foofa pooping.

Daddy:  You drew Foofa going poop?  (which really explains the way the drawing looks.)

Celi:  Yeah.

Daddy:  That's disturbing Celi Belly.

Celi:  Yeah.