Possible Changes.

I'm really not happy if I'm stagnant.  This can apply to my current displeasure at work and the fact I can't take a nap without waking up having an OCD fit.  I always need to be doing something.  Honestly if I stop, the children will overtake me.  

They're like zombies.

I'm also a perfectionist.  I can't complete a project and just go, "Hey!  That's pretty good!"  I have to pick it apart and find it's faults and think of how it can be better next time.  I honestly blame my Dad for that little idiosyncratic trait. But I've been looking at this blog and thinking, "it needs more because I'm not happy with it."

I wanted to do a complete blog overhaul for the first of the year, but decided against it and went with a new banner header as a compromise to myself.  I actually started posting more with more frequency and randomness.  I did this because I felt I was limiting myself with the every other day posts.  

At first I thought about just having different blogs for different subjects.  I would have Juggling Eric that dealt with parenting and everyday stuff.  I started ..and see if it sticks to showcase my creative side.  Because two people liked my graphs, I went ahead and dedicated  whole blog to them with Daddy Graphs (which is blocked by my work server for some reason.  I don't know why it's obviously safe for work.  Heck GraphJam where I got the idea from isn't and that's sometimes NSFW.  It's also why I stopped posting the graphs, I didn't want JE to end up getting blocked.).  And I also wanted to post when I had an idea or thought and just share something online and started Randomness and Cynicism based on the posts here by the same name.

I stopped posting on them when I decided I would just put them all on Juggling Eric.  So I'm cool with all that in one place, but I'm not sure if I'm content with the look and platform I'm on right now.

Oh to my wife, mother, mother-in-law, and other family members and friends who read this blog, you can honestly stop reading now.  There's nothing more about kids or how awesome of a husband I am or even about how my wife and I watched Donnie Brasco Saturday night.  It's about blog technical stuff.  You WILL be bored.  This is really for other bloggers to give me their opinions, so forgeddaboutit.

I've been thinking about where Juggling Eric should be located.  I've been thinking about moving it to Wordpress and even Tumblr.  

Blogger has been all right and fairly simple, but I feel limited on the design features and compatibility with other applications.

Wordpress seems overwhelming right now, but I feel I could come to understand it.  I like the mobile function available with WP and how fresh the website themes look.  

I just recently discovered Tumblr.  I like Tumblr because it has that "Twitter Random Style" of posting. I don't know much about it, but it seems really limited on widgets and what not.

So what do my fellow bloggers think?  Is it blogger suicide to change platforms?  If I changed the RSS Feed and you're subscribed to it, would it even make a difference to you?  I've been thinking about buying a domain name too.  If I did that would it change things?

Any thoughts about the subject would be appreciated.