Open Letter To My Readers

Dear Juggilng Eric Readers,

Last Friday is what I call the Lurker Letdown of 2011.  I challenged  my lurkers (those of you who do not comment regularly) to actually comment and if I did not receive 30 comments, I would play dancing Nathaniel for 30 days.

While I was ready to go the whole 30 days of just posting Nathaniel just to stick it to the lurkers, I've decided not to be a d-bag about it.  So with that I'm ending my protest.

Mainly because my vocal readers have asked me to let it go.

I  do appreciate my vocal and mute readers and I was not aware that dancing Nathaniel would cause so much strife and anxiety.

While Nathaniel has been entertaining you, D has been getting quite accustomed to our home.  She actually slept through the night last night for the first time.  Prior to today we've been run ragged.  We didn't really expect any less with a new baby in the house.

So expect these to be light for a while and my comments on your blogs to be few.

Have a great day my friends.

p.s. send cookies.