Introducing, D.

Our family increased by one yesterday.  The case worker dropped off D this evening.  One of the questions was in regards to this blog.  My wife asked would it be a problem if I could post pictures of her on my blog.  The case worker replied, "oh we Google all our background checks and no one reads his blog, so it won't make a difference."

Regardless, we're not allowed to post pictures of D on the internet.   So it seems like I'm making all this up.  I have no proof and it's pretty convenient right?  I've had the most page views this week on all the posts than I have in weeks past.  Well Ladybug decided to help me out and draw her first impression of D.  So until further notice,  this is the official Juggling Eric pictures of D.

After the case worker left I tried holding her but she didn't really want any part of it.  KC was holding her fine, but she would fuss when I tried to cradle her.  KC suggested I hold her a different way and I did.  She seemed to calm down some.  She then said I should tell her about myself.  So I did...

"D... In this house, you'll realize that everyone listens to EVERYTHING I have to say.  There is no arguing with me by any member of the family.  There is no talking back to me and when I am happy everyone is happy."

What happened next was amazing for a four month old.

She looked at me and said the following, "Yeah right, I can just look in your eyes and know whose in charge here, mister."

D:1 - E:0

She fits right on in...