Intergalactic Delurking Day.

All across the galaxy today bloggers should be celebrating Delurking Day.  (Don't trust me, check out Tales From The Dad Side and Luke I Am Your Father, they're doing it too) Lurking is what Lurkers do.  Lurkers are those people who read blogs but don't leave comments.  Sure the post could be something totally heart felt that the blogger feels his readers will enjoy and hopefully be touched on a deeper level.

Obviously I suck at touching people at deeper levels.  So I need to get West Side on you guys.

Last year, I threatened to shoot this kitty.  If I didn't get comments.

You guys called my bluff and sent me into a crying fit for days based on the seven comments I got.  One was even SciFi Dad twisting the knife commenting on the poor turnout.  

Well this year I'm not kidding.  I want comments.  I'll even count profane comments  (I'll just edit them). But I want it all this year.  I want at least thirty.  That's right. THIRTY!!  On this page down below.  I appreciate my Facebook readers and comments, but I would like them here for today.

So here's what's going to happen.  You're going to comment or I will play this video and only this video EVERYDAY for a month.

Yes.  Until I get thirty comments on this post, I will be setting off the self destruct button on this blog-enator.  I don't need any powers that be telling me what I should post.  I'm posting Dancing Nathaniel for thirty days if you people don't come through.

I wouldn't shoot a kitty... But I would annoy the cranberry sauce out of you.

Have a great weekend, Lurkers.