The Christmas Program.

So last night the whole family loaded into the Dragon Wagon and headed to Ladybug's elementary school.  Her class had been practicing for weeks for their portion of the school's Christmas program.

We got to a crowded elementary cafeteria about 15 minutes before showtime and wondered if we should have gotten there half an hour earlier.  The good news was Popo and Grandma had already claimed a spot and we had a section to plant for the time being.

Ladybug's grade was the third act.  Which meant the parents of the first two acts left and I could elbow make my way up front.  Disco was with me and we claimed a couple seats center stage two rows back.

They sang, "Up On The Rooftop".

Looking Beautiful Getting on Stage.

Raising The Roof[top]
Waving At Her Screaming Daddy

After they were done, so were we.  I gave my new seat to some kindergarten parents and we headed to her classroom for more pictures and congratulations.

There were a few "proud of my kids" moments last night.  The obvious of course, is Ladybug in her first "performance".  In mu completely unbiased opinion, she was the best up there.

The two others came from Disco, her younger brother.  Before Ladybug's class started singing, Disco yells out.. "LADYBUG!!! LADYBUG!!! I LOVE YOU!!!"


Then afterwards, Disco grabs Ladybug by the arm and tells her, "You did a great job!"


My kids are awesome.

What about you?  Any Christmas Program stories worth sharing?