Santa's Gifts.

In a few nights, my wife and I will be following Santa on Twitter prepping for Christmas morning.  There's so dang much that needs to be done before Santa's visit is completed we probably won't be in bed anytime before 2:30.

Playing Santa is a big highlight and something I'm quite excited about being a parent.  The first year I was around with KC and MaddSkillz, MaddSkillz mentioned about leaving carrots for the reindeer (we never cared much about the reindeer growing up from what I remember).  I replied asking what he does to give them something to drink.  KC looked at me sideways and we were off to buy a bucket.

It was the first thing MaddSkillz went to look for when he woke up that morning.  To see the look of excitement on his face because reindeer lined up on his mother's apartment balcony to take turns drinking from the bucket and eating the carrots was fantastic.

So now I get to do it for FIVE kids and KC.

I love being creative (I try to express it here, but I'm not sure how well it's received)  and laying out Santa's gifts sends me into over drive.

Now KC sometimes gets a little upset because I tend to do an amazing job for the kids and she feels she has no part in it.  For nine years she was the only Santa in the family and then I come along and take over. It's still new to me, but I don't seeing it as taking over.  I see it as combining our efforts.

Here are some of our efforts from the past couple years.

Christmas 2008

Christmas 2009




Now I know I said we amalgamated our traditions and would wrap the big gifts from Santa, but we weren't going attempt to wrap the desks or the tent from 2008 (or we're just too dang tired).   Usually MaddSkillz gets a new phone or something (last year he got a video camera), that's wrapped but you can't see it in the pictures because it fits in his stocking.

Now this year, Santa is bringing the kids' their own Wii.  I'm not sure how that is going to be presented yet.  I had initially thought maybe of having it unboxed and set up already, with a controller in each of their stockings.  But Grandpa jumped the gun on their birthday last month and got a controller for Ladybug and Disco (they play Wii in his room).  This is fine with me because it saved me about 60 bucks.

I guess I could put the A/V cables and power cords in their stockings.

How do you present Santa's stockings?

Have a great day my friends.