I'm a pretty easy going guy you know?  Especially when I am a customer or utilizing a service.  If I get home after going through a drive-thru and see that part of my order is wrong, most times I wouldn't worry about it.  If was someone else's order, I would worry about it.  But for me, I have other things I need to stress about.  I'm particularly patient and polite when I'm a customer on the phone no matter how long I'm waiting.  The reason is I work in customer service and I know what the person on the other side of the phone is going through.

Now I could get upset when the service I am utilizing totally puts me out or makes me late.  Case in point: Ladybug's bus.

In the morning, we walk out to the bus at 6:57 and the bus is usually there by 7:02.  On Wednesday morning, it was 7:07 and it wasn't there yet.  "No big deal."  I thought.  I don't have to be logged into work until 7:30, and a few minutes late isn't that bad.  Then it was 7:12.  Okay this was a concern.  I called the bus depot, asked them what was up, and they put me on hold to check it out.  Five minutes on hold didn't make me happy.  I hung up and called back.  The same lady answered, I told her I couldn't be on hold for five minutes while my daughter is relying on them to get to school.  She said it would be two minutes.  Fine.  I was satisfied.

KC yells from the front door down to the bus stop.  I yell back it will be two minutes.  She reminds me that Ladybug hadn't eaten yet.  Crap!!  I swoop her up and take her to the house.  I grab a pop-tart and she eats it in the van as I take her to school.  On the way home, I pass the bus depot and I see Ladybug's bus leaving the gates.  This was at 7:37.  Two minutes indeed!

The bus drops her off at 11:01 when class is over.  KC usually gets her since I am still working at that time.  But Thursday KC had to be somewhere and I was going to take my break during that time.  11:01 comes and goes.  11:04 arrives and I'm getting frustrated because my break is only 10 minutes long and I have less than 2 minutes left.  I give them about five more minutes.  I call the bus depot and they tell me there was a delay, everyone is all right but they will be there in about 10 - 15 minutes.


She finally get's home at 11:24.  I pretty much had a thirty minute break, which I rather would not have had and will probably be reprimanded.

My question is this, why isn't there some sort of notification in place to alert parents of transportation delays?  Some sort of automatic text, phone call or wuphf.  I know they have similar notification applications when there is an emergency at school.  If a kid misses class or is late, we're called with an automated message telling parents they were not there.

So why can't this be implemented to the school bus system?  Is this available in other places?  We're calling today to complain and see if there is such a thing.

If there isn't, does anyone want to help make one with me?

Have a great weekend my friend.