New Cause.

If you're into social media, you've probably noticed there's this place called Facebook.  Currently, there is a campaign to have everyone change their profile pics to cartoon characters the user enjoyed as a kid.  Or in MaddSkillz case, last week.

The point is to combat child abuse.  It's a noble cause as any, but I feel it's just someone who wanted to see if they could get something to go "viral" as the kids say.

I'm not one for jumping on the cause bandwagon, but I started my own last night to see if anyone wants to follow...

Click on image if you can't see the whole picture.

We all know if Zombies aren't eating, they'll be coming after us.

I've only noticed one of my friends follow me in my cause.  Which is a win in my book.  So why not help me out and be part of a viral campaign.

What else would you seriously have planned for this weekend?