Because Ladybug is a Pre-K B.A. she was awarded with the character award in her class when she brought her report card home earlier this month.  As a prize for ruling the school, she could have our her choice out of going to either a San Antonio Spurs basketball game of a San Antonio Rampage hockey game.

Being because the Spurs games are insanely packed and I honestly did not want to deal with it on school nights, we picked the hockey game (it being on a Sunday afternoon).  But mainly because how rowdy can hockey fans be I was curious to see what hockey looked like in Texas.

It was just me and my Ladybug for some Daddy / Daughter time.

She had never seen a hockey game before and only knew about the sport from an episode of Sponge Bob Squarepants when the Krusty Krab freezes and the hockey team is practicing on the ice wearing Krabby Patties as skates and a puck.  So she pictured players who looked like fish skating on frozen hamburger patties.

We found our seats and she had questions about everything.  I had posted my concern about my knowledge of the sport on Facebook, which I thought was pretty witty.  But you know what I hate?!? I hate it when I post something that is obviously funny and no one reacts to it.

Here's what I put. "I hope my daughter doesn't ask me too much about hockey, the extent of my knowledge is limited to the Mighty Ducks movies and the first five minutes of Happy Gilmore." 

No responses.  But some chick saying they are going to bed, you get 97 respondents.

Okay rant over.

I told her we are the "white team" and the other team is the "black team".  She asked if we lived in the 1940's and I expanded the label as the color of the teams shirts.

Ladybug had a great time watching the game.  Sure it was really fast paced for her, but she really enjoyed herself.  To the point where she said she wanted to play hockey when she grows up.

View From Our Seats

Cheering on the Rampage.
Rampage Mascot T-Bone.

She Had No Idea Who Was Touching Her Head.
Excited When The Rampage Scored a Goal.
After the Game With Her New Hockey Stick.

The environment was great.  The people sitting in front of us were super nice and enjoyed our naivety towards the sport.  The little games during the time outs and the breaks between periods were fun.  I'm really glad we chose this over basketball.

Thanks Canada for bringing Hockey to Texas and providing me and my daughter to have a great Sunday afternoon.

Have a great day my friends.