Grizzly Adams DID Have A Beard.

MaddSkillz is fifteen.  Being fifteen coupled with being Hispanic means facial hair.  I remember when I moved to San Antonio 22 years ago, a couple guys that became my best friends had full on mustaches in EIGHT GRADE!!  Being a Sophomore in high school, MaddSkillz put it off as long as he could take it.

Being the fact it took me nearly 36 years to get the growth I have right now I am stinkin' Grizzly Adams, MaddSkillz came to me and asked for me to show him how to shave.  Knowing he's self conscience about a lot of things, I didn't give him a hard time (like his father did) and told him I would during Christmas break.

The reason for this was I didn't want him to accidentally cut himself and then have to deal with that as well.  If he cut himself during Christmas break, it'll be healed by the time he went back to school.

So this weekend I got him some razors and shaving gel and last night was the night.  I told him what to do and he went with it.  I gave him a suggestion or two and let him decide if he wanted to take it.  He finished and was proud of his work.

He kept saying I looked like I was holding back laughter.  I told him I wasn't.

I was actually holding back wanting to cry.  

He forbid pictures for fear they would be posted on Facebook.  He didn't mention about blogs.  Still he prevented any attempts by his mother for a picture.  So I had to get creative.



Not bad, huh?