Dora and the Space Time Continuum

Everyday this week, and I'm sure next week as well, Nickelodeon has been playing "Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure".  It comes on about sixteen times a day.  I haven't seen the show through in it's entirety, but the basic plot is Swiper is on the naughty list and Dora helps to save Christmas and to take him off the naughty list by, get this.... travelling through time.

I normally would be all for time travel, but I really don't think a ten year old whose clothes don't fit most of the time understands the repercussions that could result from time travel.  Dora actually runs into her future self as a teenager (Since this episode came out last year, I believe it was a way to spin-off a Dora Teenage show.  You know for the kids who have been watching Dora since 2000.), and they talk shop about what's going on.

Dora forgot Doc Brown's first rule of time travel.  Under all circumstances, no interaction with your future self.  Then again, Dora could have taken it as more of a suggestion than the absolute rule.

But in the end, their contrived time travelling adventure got Sniper off the naughty list and CHRISTMAS WAS SAVED!!!

We Did It! We Did It! Lo Hacimos, We Did It!

But what about Teenage Dora?  By getting Swiper on the "nice list", it had to have changed Swiper's future.   Then the butterfly effect would have caused some change in Teenage Dora's present right?  It's hard to think horrible things about Dora since she so innocent and has a big head and has no real friends.

I have two opinions about this episode.

1) Jesus and Santa Claus do an okay job saving Christmas around the world by themselves.  Just because you're a cartoon Dora, doesn't mean you have to save EVERYTHING!!

and 2) Swiping is like the crack rock  to Swiper.  Sure he'll do it to get on the nice list, but he'll be back to swiping your monkey's boots in no time.