Days of Christmas Past.

Here's some of my Christmas memories through the years.

 - I don't really remember Christmases prior to my parents divorce (5 years old), so I'm not sure how we celebrated back then.  But from what I remember (and I'm sure my mother will confirm or deny) from celebrating Christmas after the divorce, my brother and I would visit both Grandparents' houses on Christmas Eve.  We'd start at my dad's parents, my mother would pick us up and take us to her parents' house.  My mother had primary custody of us and I'm assuming we'd wake up Christmas morning with her.

- One of of these visits to my mother's parents on Christmas Eve, I remember them doing a gift exchange and someone got a giant jar of pickles.  I think it was one of my cousins Matt or Mark.

- I remember testing out the durability of my grandmother's (Dad's side) Christmas ornaments by squeezing the nice looking glass ones and have them break in my hand.  Circa 3 - 4 years old.  Maybe even younger.

- My mother always had a real tree.  I remember it being huge.  On Christmas Eve she would read us the birth of Christ from the Bible and we'd go to bed.

 - At my dad's parents' house, Santa always brought us fruit in our stocking.  An orange or apple would be  at the bottom.  I remember never even considering them alongside the candy.

- When I turned 10, my brother Evan and I went to go live with my dad and step-mom.  Evan and I had shared a room, but for Christmas my parents gave me my own room (they had painted it weeks prior even asking me for my opinion under the guise it was for my baby brother Brandon.).    I had woken up (around 3 or 4 am) to use the bathroom early Christmas morning and went to the bathroom in our hallway (the toilet had previously  not been working, I used it anyways because I didn't feel like walking across the house to my parents' bathroom.  To my surprise Santa fixed the toilet.  ).  I noticed something different about my baby brother's room.  IT HAD ALL MY STUFF IN IT!!!  My toys, my stuff, EVERYTHING!!  I was so excited, I went to wake up my brother Evan to tell him.  In all his excitement of my excitement he had to pee as well.  He runs away to my parents' bathroom before I can tell him our bathroom works.  I sit on my new bed playing with my stuff.  In comes Evan all excited, followed a few seconds later by my parents who had probably just went to sleep.  They were PISSED!  Evan and I went back to my old room and stayed there until we knew it was okay to come out a few hours later.

 - One Christmas Eve, we were leaving my mother's parents' house and Evan decided he wanted to spend the night there.  It was me, my mother and my little brother Edward.  I'm in the front seat, looking back at Ed who is laying on the seat.  I tell him to sit up and he doesn't comply.  I tell him again, then my mother turns around to tell him to sit up when we stop suddenly.  We had rear ended someone at a stop light.  No one was hurt, their hatch back was crushed and my mother's truck only had glass scratches in the hood.

- My dad would always play Elvis, White Christmas when decorating and opening presents.

- Always.

- Freshman year of college.  I was in the Corps of Cadets and at Christmas the fish write Christmas Lists.  It's not what we wanted for Christmas, but what we wanted to give the upperclassmen.  It was our way of being able to rib on them.  We'd put stuff like "an attractive date for once", "a closet to come out of", etc. You know, guys making fun of guys.   One of my buddies took it a little too far though and put stuff, "A Crap Face Award."  "A Seat Next To Mr. White On A Roller Coaster To Hell".  Yeah we got in trouble for his stuff.

 - Same year at college.  The fish were supposed to decorate the hallway for Christmas.  Well seeing as how we're college freshmen with no jobs and no money, we went into the other dorms and would take decorations from other outfits in the middle of the night.  When all the upperclassmen went to bed at midnight or whatever and woke up the next morning seeing a fully decorated hallway (lighted Christmas trees and all), they knew something was up.  While some of them thought it was cool, the one's in charge did not.  We had to go back and return the stuff to the outfits we stole from.  None of them even knew stuff was missing.

- In 2000 when I found out my parents might would be separating, I was pretty depressed.  I would always look forward to Christmas because I just loved being with my family.  I was living in my apartment and no one had even mentioned getting together that year.  My best friend Mike was in town, so he invited me to his house and I went bowling with his family on Christmas.

- I'm so convincing as a Secret Santa, that I would often deliver my own gifts to the person and drop hints on who it might be.  No one has ever guessed it was me.

-  I would share my stories about my Dad and always playing Elvis at Christmas time to KC.  She got me the CD for Christmas.  It was awesome.  I want to play it, but she would rather have a rotation of CDs.

 - Our first Christmas as a family, we tried to start a tradition.  MaddSkillz would put the angel on the tree, and I would hold Ladybug and plug it in (it was a lighted one).  We did it like that for two years on a real tree.  When we had to use my dad's artificial tree, the top wasn't strong enough to hold the angel without the top leaning.  So I had to get a broom stick and attach it to the "trunk" of the "tree".  The angel has plenty of support.

- Ladybug played Baby Jesus at MaddSkillz' school play when she was a couple months old.

 - So in order to see if the angel is going to stay before MaddSkillz puts it on, I attach the broom stick and place the angel to see if it holds.  Every year since the first year of using the fake tree, KC always seems to walk into the room when I am testing the strength of the tree with the angel, gets upset and says, "I THOUGHT MADDSKILLZ WAS SUPPOSED TO PUT THE ANGEL ON THE TOP."  Every year, I look at her and tell her I'm testing it.

 - There's no angel on the tree this year.

 - When Ladybug was three, I had this idea to go outside and look for Santa.  We took MaddSkillz telescope and positioned it looking for him.  We never saw him, but I did have a friend who did have sleigh bells.  He came to our front yard and started shaking them.  Ladybug heard the bells, got all excited and ran to her bed.

I didn't think I had this many memories.  Thanks for reading.  Have a Merry Christmas and God Bless you all my friends.