The Wedding.

So the other day after my daughter made me her special soup,  Ladybug had another surprise for us.  I log off from work and go into the living room where Ladybug tells us there is going to be a wedding.


My wife had a it's cute but I'm slightly scared smile on her face.

"There's going to be a wedding and you are going to marry Mommy here in the living room." Ladybug tells me.

She had cleaned up all the toys and mess in the room and planned it all out.  What was I supposed to do but go along with it?

She made me stand by the window in our living room and instructed KC to come into the room and walk to me.

Disco was on photography duty.

Here comes the bride.....


KC then met me at the window, where Ladybug got on the couch and whispered in my ear.

"Kiss her now."

Instead of cake, Ladybug prepared heaping bowls of strawberry yogurt.

Which we fed each other...

... and we lived happily ever after...

Not Pictured, Ladybug and MaddSkillz

I have no idea where she got the idea for us to be married, but it was very very sweet.  Maybe she read Nicholas Sparks' The Wedding.

Have a great week my friends.