Emsters started taking her first steps right before she turned 10 months old.  It was your standard hoist her up to her feet and she'd take two steps with the same foot.  Then it progressed.  I was counting the steps she would take and be happy for her, but KC thought I was putting too much pressure on the baby.


We have no coffee tables for her to skim around, so she'd just have to make her way around the couches and the fall out from the explosion of toys and clothes that litter the floor on any given day.

She's started walking more and more towards the end of last week  (a couple weeks shy of 11 months).  Her walking resembled that of a Michael Jackson Thriller Zombie.

Here's some instructions...

Now she's walking about 90% of the time when she is en route to a different location to put something in her mouth.

Her hands are lower to the ground now and her stride resembles more of an AMC's The Walking Dead Zombie.

More in control of her limb movements.  Pretty soon she'll be more like an I Am Legend Zombie where she can leap cars and climb buildings.


Isn't this a wonderful way to describe my baby girl?

Have a great weekend my friend.