Parade of Cakes.

With Birthday Season over, I figured I'd show all the creative cakes and sweet confections we demolished in the past 30 days her in Boltonshire.

October 14 - Ladybug's Birthday:  Round Cake (not pictured) and Perry The Platypus Treats.

 These were supposed to resemble...

Ladybug's Reaction:

Uhhhhhh.. What the heck is that?!?
Oh there's the pink round cake on the right...

October 28th - Disco's Birthday:  Blue's Clues' House Cake.

This was supposed to resemble...

Disco's Reaction:

Heck Yeah!!!
November 6th - The Big Bolton Birthday Bash.

KC's friend made these cakes.  I wasn't even going to attempt them.

The Girls got Princess Cakes and Disco got a Firetruck
November 14th - Celebrating Celi's Birthday: Brobee Cookie Cake

This was supposed to resemble...

Celi's Reaction:

Awesome Daddy!!
I am just tired of cake.  My father in law gave us a bunch of pie and desserts from our Thanksgiving celebration this weekend.  I don't know if I should throw it away now or wait until Thursday so I won't fell as bad.

So if anyone want's anything, just let me know.

Have a great week my friends....