Going Back to the Blogger's Court.

What you are about to witness is real. The participants are not actors (well one is). They are actual litigants with a case pending between each other. Both parties have not agreed to drop their claims and have their cases settled here before Juggling Eric's Three Jurors, in our forum: The Blogger's Court.

The Plaintiff: Maddskillz. He claims his mom and Eric should talk to his father about switching weekends next month for the weekend of December 11th.

The Defendants: Eric and KC. They state there is just no need to.

Plaintiff: Your Honor, I am requesting that I be allowed to switch custody weekends on account...

Defendant Mom: No!

Plaintiff: You never let me finish!!!

Defendant Mom: It doesn't matter, your case is not valid.

Plaintiff: My case is not valid? Of course it's valid. There's no reason why you shouldn't ask to switch weekends. We do it all the time.

Defendant Eric: This is about as valid as the time when you wanted to sue the toilet paper company for false advertising.

Plaintiff: No it's not. I think we should switch weekends because Grannie Bev is coming into town to celebrate Christmas with us that weekend.

Defendant Mom: Yes, we have already cleared it with him for the afternoon and until we're done. Your grandmother isn't one to pull many all nighters. Especially when she's flying in from New York. You still have the rest of the weekend with your father.

Plaintiff: But that doesn't make any sense. I won't be spending a lot of time with him that weekend. It won't be worth it.

Defendant Mom: Well explain to the judge what else you have going.

Plaintiff: It's T's birthday on Friday and I wanted to spend time with her on Friday night. Then Caleb has a birthday party on Saturday night I wanted to go too.

Defendant Mom: So it's not only about Grannie Bev coming into town. It has more to do with your other social activities.

Plaintiff: I'm going to get home from T's around 11. I will probably wake up around nine. I'll have to get ready for them to pick me up around one. Then I'd go to Caleb's afterwards and I will only see him on Sunday.

Defendant Eric: So wake up earlier on Saturday. Wake up at seven!

Plaintiff: Wake up at seven?!?!

[ - Plaintiff actually throws up in his mouth at this suggestion - ]

Plaintiff: I am not going to wake up at seven!!!

Defendant Eric: If you're not going to wake up earlier to spend time with your dad, this actually has nothing about not being able to spend time with your dad does it?

Defendant Mom: No, it's because he doesn't want to ask his father because he won't let him go to his friends houses on his weekend.

Defendant Eric: Sweetie, it was his turn to speak.

Defendant Mom: I know, I just get pissed when he doesn't give us the same consideration as his father. We're not switching weekends, we're only getting him for Grannie Bev's visit. He'll have to ask his father if he can go hang with his friends. We ask to switch weekends all the time for school and family stuff and he allows it. The holidays are already crazy as it is and all of our families will be doing stuff. There is no reason you can't ask your father the same way you do us.

Defendant Eric: I think we rest our case, Your Heinous.

So what does The Jury think? Should the Defendants request they switch weekends again with MaddSkillz father AGAIN, when he can totally ask his father if he can go to these events. Normally his father has a track record of not letting MaddSkillz go anywhere on his weekends. Or are the Defendants just being a couple of jerks by not giving into him. And yes, we would have let him go to all events on our weekend.

Let me know your verdicts below...