Fantasy Football.

I usually don't comment on the graphs.  They're supposed to encompass an entire blogpost with just one image.  Yet, I feel compelled to expand on this one.

Every year I have an itch to play fantasy football.  I've done it a few times before hoping that it will give me some of my man card carrying privileges back because I will have to watch some form of football during the season.  Without fail I suck it up pretty bad and my attitude dissipates just as you see above.

This year was no different.  I was actually in two leagues.  One through Yahoo Fantasy Football (The Vanilla Midgets) with THIS DADDY, and the other through ESPN (Night Elf Mohawks) with my brother Ed.

As the graph states, I'm actually pretty excited pre-draft.  I think to myself, there is no way my random roster can be as bad as last time.  Oh I was wrong.  And when I do have an okay team, I go and screw it up when I drop people I don't know with names I recognize.

Case in point the 2008 Season:
Eric see's this quarterback on his roster and has no idea who the heck he is.  "Hey, Vince Young is available.  Even though I hate University of Texas, he was really good in the 2006 Rose Bowl against USC.  I'll drop this guy and get ol' VY!!"

Yeah that quarterback was Ben Roethlisberger of sexual assault allegations fame and even winning the super bowl at the end of that same stinkin' season!!!!!!!!!!!!1

How did Vince Young do that season??  I'll let Wikipedia sum it up for you...

"In the first game against the Jacksonville Jaguars Young injured his knee and was expected to miss 2 to 3 weeks. On September 15, Jeff Fisher made the decision to go with Kerry Collins and for Collins to remain the starter for the rest of the season. The Titans went on to finish 13-3 in the regular season with Young assuming back-up duties"

Yay me!

Currently with the Vanilla Midgets I'm 4-5.  I started off strong, but since I only ended up being a lurker and forgetting to change some of my players who had BYE weeks, I just go there to check.

As the Night Elf Mohawks I'm circling the drain at 2-7.  I'm pretty much a supply depot for my brother who really loves football and doing as bad as I am.  He just trades me his guys who aren't doing well for my okay guys.  He figures I stopped giving a stink about anything, both of us shouldn't be total losers.

So yeah.

My Brett Farve guy is doing okay though....

More explanation than you wanted to know about my graph.

What about you?? Do you at least attempt Fantasy Football??