Celi's Story

The other week, the topic of the kids' birth stories came up and we started reminiscing.  We'll always remember Ladybug's because she was our first child together.  Disco's is a story that was pretty emotional leading up to it and not easy to forget.  With Emsters, I've been blogging her entire life.  It's all documented there.  But what about my Celi Belly?

Yeah, we weren't too sure how her's went.  It took a lot of talking and confusing which delivery we were really at to put something together.

We seem to remember an elliptical, me sleeping fully dressed and stopping for a Monster Energy Drink en route to the hospital.  

Since this was our third baby in three years, people didn't care all that much.  You get less visitors, less congratulations and less time off from work apparently.  Or it could be that everyone that could make it to the first birth is now at home in the middle of the night watching your other two offspring.

Both are true.

Kristie We had chosen not to find out the sex of the baby.  So began the task of choosing the perfect name for our upcoming child.  KC is Hispanic.  I am white.  Our kids have white names.  Trying to convince schools to give them scholarships based on their background is going to be hard to believe looking at them and their names.  I thought it would be neat if we gave this next kid a strong Hispanic name.  I chose Joaquin for a boy and Araceli for a girl.

I'm not sure what was in the pre-natal vitamins, but KC approved them both.

Joaquin's middle name was going to be Alejandro.  We'd even change his last name to "Boltonerrez".

I pictured him to grow up looking something like this...

He'd be walking away from explosions with Salma Hayek's daughter.

MaddSkillz was against the name from the beginning.  I don't know what's wrong with that boy sometimes, but he's not really good at coming up with names.  Then as we got closer to the due date, KC started wavering on the name for a boy.

"Okay,  Eric 2.0"

She vomits in her mouth.

So I ask her if anything happens to her and it's a boy, what would you want to name him.  She said she didn't know.  I told her that if anything happens to her and it's a boy, I'm naming him Eric 2.0 and she can be mad at me from heaven if she so chooses.

Fast forward a few hours and it's go time.  The pushing, the yelling, the crippling of my fingers, preceded  the debut of my second daughter, Araceli Elena Bolton.

KC's response to Celi being born was, "Now I have my own!" Meaning since Ladybug was a Daddy's girl, she now has a girl she can claim as her own.

Yeah that didn't last long.

Happy 2nd Birthday Celi!  

Birthday Season is now over.