This is Daddy Talking:

Eat your dinner.

Take your medicine.

Get dressed.

Brush your hair.

Hold on a minute.

No TV right now.

Stop throwing things.

Each of those requests are met with silence, running away or a negative and/or a bargaining response.

But the other day, I come into the kitchen to see that Ladybug has made me "soup".   And attached to it was a note that said "I LOVE DADDY".  

Awwww right?!?  

Sure it was nice, but she wanted me to actually eat it.  I looked at KC who had received a bowl of "soup" as well.  It was a glance of did you have to eat yours?  She responded that she told her she did.

Hmm mmmm!

This is Ladybug Talking:

Eat your soup.

Here's the soup.

Cherrio's and Water with a nice little note.
How the heck could you turn that down with a note attached to it?  So I took a spoonful and proceded to enjoy my daughter's "soup".    It was cold.  It was mushy.  It tasted like cold unflavored oatmeal.

So now, I have this to lean on if she doesn't do what I ask.  If she doesn't brush her hair..... I'll just tape an "I LOVE LADYBUG" letter to the brush..

Maybe I could make it work for MaddSkillz when he won't mow the yard...

It should work.

Or maybe not because I'm pretty wrapped.