The School Dance

On the way home Monday, MaddSkillz brought up next week is the Home Coming dance. Home Coming had never been brought up before, and when he mentioned the event I was shocked he even acknowledged it.

I guess since MaddSkillz is allowed to date now he considers functions such as this.  But he tells me he's only going to go if he's nominated for Duke. Apparently since he is big time actor and celebrity now, he will only make public appearances if there's some sort of compensation.

Since his girlfriend goes to a different school now, there would be an extra step he would need to accomplish if he wanted to go.

The school (probably the district) is requiring students fill out an "application" for their dates if they do not go to his school.  He of course thinks it's stupid because it's extra work.  I personally think it's a pretty smart and safe idea.

He asked why.

It's to prevent guys from bringing hookers and chicks from bringing their 40 year old creepy boyfriends.

Being a parent, I totally support this rule.  I can only assume the "application" has some sort of parental permission attached to it.  So if you're cool with your teenage daughter dating 40 year old creepy boyfriend, then you should have nothing to worry about.

What do my three readers think of this rule?  Again I know most of you don't have teenagers just yet, but if you did would you support it or not?

Have a great day my friends.