Birthday Season

Some people get excited because October is the climax of the baseball season.  Some people are also stoked because basketball season starts this month.  And those of you who live above the Mason Dixon line are the only ones who care about hockey season, that too begins in October.  And let's not forget the foosball season is concurrently going on as well.  October brings a different kind of season for us here in Boltonshire.  

October brings BIRTHDAY SEASON!!

Ladybug's fifth birthday is October 14th.  Disco's third birthday is two weeks later on October 28th and Celi closes out the kids's parties on November 12th.

Usually everyone is worn out from those three they usually forget Daddy's upcoming 26th birthday is November 17th.  

I guess if my kids had Facebook, they would get the reminder a day before at least.

So with the start of Birthday Season, we have to decide how we are going to get through it.  Sure the best thing to do is to just not acknowledge it is their birthday, but we would have grandmas all mad at us.    Like I've mentioned before, we don't get invited to a lot of places because we got five kids. So getting people to come over three times in a six week period would probably piss people off.  Some might just say, "Hey, he's Disco's present for his birthday, tell'em I said whatever."

The best thing to do is to consolidate the parties into one.  It's easiest logistically for KC and myself and for guests.  As much as I would love to have it at home and be a gracious host, my house is not ready for a party such as this.  That is why we must seek out a pizza place.

Plus I can make THEM clean it up.

My wife met someone that is going to make the cakes for the party.  The girls are going to get princess cakes and we'll give Disco the generic boy firetruck cake.  Ladybug will probably want the firetruck and there will be a HUGE argument, but these are my kids.  I can't get rid of them and I'll get in trouble if I duct tape them to the wall.

Now while the birthday party is fun, it's not actually on any of the kids' birthdays.  For this reason we usually special dinner, cake, ice cream and a present or two on their actual birthday.

I'm  excited because I told KC I wanted to make the cakes  for the home parties.  I believe I came up with a winner last night.  I'll hold off sharing it until I accomplish it and show off pictures of my hopefully creative endeavor. 

All this starts next week.  Have a great weekend my friend.

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