Yesterday you sat in the backseat of the Cavalier and asked to play a game on our phones.  Your hair was freshly cut and you had your fears of the outside world you couldn't imagine.  You hated Lizzie Maguire and all things pink.  You didn't talk back and you didn't want to grow up.

Today you sit in the backseat of the van, put your headphones on and don't let us come near your iTouch.  Your hair needs to be cut and your fears of the world diminish with each new adventure you take.  Talking back seems to be your degree plan sometimes, you have a girlfriend and taking driver's ed. You look forward to getting past this phase of your life to conquer the next.


Yesterday you took a crayon and paper and scribbled your first masterpiece.  You sat in your car seat, listened to the radio and would "sing" songs on the radio (which was more like saying one word of each chorus).  You  had surprised us with how smart you were by counting to ten in Spanish from watching Dora the Explorer.

Today your very well detailed drawings grace the walls of our house and "art museums on the computer".  You sit in your booster seat and request songs from my phone which you sing [mostly] all the words.  It really is no surprise to your mother and I how amazingly intelligent you are when you come home from Pre-K excited and telling us everything you had learned.


Yesterday you were just my tiny fragile baby boy.  I thought you didn't like me very much when you didn't want anything to do with me.  You took your wobbly first steps and your sister knocked you down for the first time ten seconds later.  You frustrated us with the amount of diapers you went through

Today you are anything but tiny.  You survived your first broken bone and you didn't even blink.  When you lay next to me on the couch, you let me squeeze you because my heart has missed you all day.  You jump from tops of couches and play sets with no fear and have no problem pushing back even though we tell you not too.  You now tell us when you have to go potty and slowly we are decreasing the amount of diapers we use for you.


Yesterday you sat in the background of all the chaos observing everything happening.  You sat in your high chair as your mom or I fed you.  You didn't say much and your hair concerned me with the way it was growing in because you weren't a Rabbi.

Today you are in the forefront and sometimes leader of the chaos.  Your vocabulary, pronunciation, and sentence structure is unbelievable.  Your hair turned out beautiful. Even though I think it needs to be trimmed some yet  your mom disagrees.  You made the choice yourself to no longer sit in your booster seat and claimed your own chair at the dining room table.


Yesterday I brought you home.  I had no idea what I was going to do with a fifth kid in the house because I hadn't gotten used to the first four yet.  You would primarily want your mother and I was just there to assist.  Most of the time you would just lie there doing and saying nothing.

Today the house is yours.  Your go wherever you want and don't think twice about it.  I still have no idea what I'm going to do with you, but you complete the family just by being here.  You come to me when I enter the room and sometimes cry when I leave.  You say "Da-da" a lot and "Ma-ma" when she's not around.  You are so brave when you stand up by yourself for long periods of time.  Then when you fall, you laugh about it and get right back up.


I can't believe that all of this seems like it happened yesterday and now today they are totally different (yet the same) children.  If this is how much they change overnight, I am excited but not quite ready for tomorrow.

Have a great day my friends.