Injury Prone

Recently, a call for more toilet paper sent me to the utility room to snag a roll.  Leaning over to fish one out of the packaging, I turned around in a hurry and slammed my forehead into the edge of the door.

I let out a much required shout of pain sprinkled with a bit of "what the heck was that about?"

My children heard the cry of pain and MaddSkillz promptly came over to see if I was alright.  I could stand and didn't feel dizzy, but needed to sit down.  I told him I was fine and advised the other kids Daddy was alright.

When KC came into the room she asked what happened.  So I told her exactly how the events played out.  Which was the door had began closing without my knowledge and I didn't notice when I turned which caused my predicament.

Instead of an "are you okay?" or "do you need anything?", my wife in her loving way goes "how the heck did you do that?"


I guess I can't blame her, I have a history of getting hurt around the house.  One time I stood up and the cabinet door wasn't exactly where I remembered it and the corner of the door impaled me in my neck.  The pain was so intense I almost passed out in the kitchen.  There are toys all over the house, and when you're carrying a kid to another room in a hurry you don't always check your blind spots.  I've also tripped and fell over the baby gate quite a few times.

And I shouldn't forget the constant punches, kicks, elbow drops and head butts to the crotch.  It's like my kids were trained by Ric Flair or something.

But is that any reason for concern of my well being to be looked as an annoyance after I get hurt?

Sure I laugh if the kids fall from the couch and start crying.  Being a dad I have a power where I know when they're really hurt or just stunned.  It's one of my many powers.

Maybe that's a power my wife has as well.  She sees her dork husband trip, fall, slam, get knocked, impaled and crotched by various objects and people in the house and she knows automatically how severe my injury (because there is an injury) is.  So instead of laughing like I do to the kids, she gets annoyed.

Are you an injury prone person in your house?  Does your significant other get annoyed as well?  Or is this something I own.

Have a great day my friends.