In The Spotlight

I totally forgot to tell my four readers, (two of which I call "Mom") that MaddSkillz had auditioned and was chosen for his school play.

What's cool is that he finally passed the "little boy" typecasting he had last year.  Last year he was in Annie Get Your Gun and was cast as "Lil' Jake", then later in the year he was "Son #1" in Medea.

This year he shot to the spotlight by getting a main part in Shakespeare's tragedy, Macbeth.

Because MaddSkillz emits awesomeness, he is playing TWO parts during the play.  My son is like a Transformer, a robot in disguise... Only minus the robot part..

His main character is Macduff, Macduff is Thane of Fife.  I'm not sure what a fife is, but my son is the thane of it.  According to Wikipedia, he's the main antagonist to Macbeth.  To which I say...

Heck yeah.. My son gets to play a bad guy... No more of this kiddie crap.

Honestly, I don't recall reading Macbeth in high school or seeing any type of play or movie adaptation, so if I'm talking about my arse it's because I'm proud of my son.

His other character is Banquo.  Again I know little about the character other than what I've skimmed on Wikipedia and what my son has told me.  The one thing I do know about Banquo is that he dies.  This will be my son's second time to die as a character on stage.  He doesn't really listen to me when I try to give him advice. But since his last death was off-stage and this time it might be on-stage, I felt I should give him some advice on his death scene since I have actually been in a movie.

Courage Under Fire

So MaddSkillz...
Make your death scene about YOU.  When you're an actor, you're not providing a service for other people, you're only priority should be about YOU.  You need to be the one they remember, not the title character.  Here are a few  ideas I suggest you do in your death scene.  You can pick and choose which one fits best.

1) When you are killed by Macbeth yell out.. "You stabbed me!!! I can't believe you stabbed me!!!"
2) After you are attacked and Macbeth is about to walk away stand back up.  If he questions your status tell him, "It's only a flesh wound!" and start fighting him again until all your limbs are severed, then bleed on him.
3) If someone is trying to say you're dead call out, "I'm not dead." argue that you are not and if they disagree tell them you are feeling better and want to go for a walk.
4) Before you die, ad lib the line, "One shall stand..... One shall fall!"
5) During a sword fight, talk about how you have pursued more than studied sword-play lately.  You have been searching for a six finger man for twenty years and now you are starting to lose confidence.  You just work for Vizzini to pay the bills.  Then praise your opponent's skills.  Then spring it on him that you are not left-handed.

Kudos to those who get all of those scenes.

Do you have any ideas for MaddSkillz death to make the spotlight his?

Have a great day my friends..