Back to the Office

For over a year now, I have had the opportunity to work from home.  While the first 7 months it was on a part time basis, since April I have worked exclusively from home.  Eight hours a day, I would barricade myself in my bedroom and sit at my computer and daydream work while KC would take care of the kids.

Since I had to take phone calls, I couldn't have screaming in the background.  She'd do her best to keep the noise level to a minimum, which turned out to be an almost impossible feat.  Sure my production has suffered a bit while coming home, but nothing enough to get me in trouble.

Well today I have to report back to work.  I start training on a new computer platform my company is moving to.  I've been wanting to train for this platform for a few years now.  But each time a training class was scheduled, my wife would get herself pregnant and the kid's due date was during class.  And since you shouldn't miss any class during training, the opportunity for me to go to those classes never happened.  Now since she's not preggers, it's cool for me to go to training.

The thing is once training is over, there is no guarantee I will be able to work from home again anytime soon.

That part sucks.

Even though my wife may say I look unhappy working at home, I do enjoy it.  I am happy for the fact I am home, just not happy about the part I have to be working while doing so.

With me going back to work, it obviously changes things logistically.  We are only a one vehicle family.  KC will need the Dragon Wagon to take the kids to the doctor and such, so it will be rare that I will be able to drive to work.  I can no longer roll out of bed at 5:55AM to log into work at six.  I will have to report to work by eight, which means we have to leave by 6:50 or so.  Which means if KC is taking me, we're going to have to wake up babies and load them in the car.  Because honestly, with me not having to be there, they will sleep better.

But Ladybug needs to be at the bus stop for a 7:01 AM pick up.  How's that going to work?  Well MaddSkillz offered up his services to walk her to the bus stop while KC shuttles me to work.

It's going to be tough in the mornings for KC because once she gets back from taking me to work, MaddSkillz will need to be taken to school.  She usually gets back from dropping him off close to 9AM.  Which means the kids will be hungry and fussy by the time they get home.

I'm going to miss the KC and the kids on account I will not have breaks or lunch times with them.  Hopefully they can stop by occasionally after Ladybug gets home from school.

I am not looking forward to all the crying,fussiness, screaming and aggravation that will be waiting for me when I get in the Dragon Wagon at the end of the day.

And that's just from KC.

While it will be tough, this is what needs to be done.  Hopefully, working from home happens sooner than later and I can deal with all the crying, fussiness, screaming and aggravation spread throughout the day and not all at once in an enclosed space.

Have a great week my friends...