When You're In New York Daddy..

The following is a conversation I had with Ladybug recently about my upcoming trip to New York.


Daddy: Baby I'm going to be in New York for six days.

Ladybug: That's a long time, Daddy.

Daddy: I know, but I'll be back home before you know it.  Do you know who lives in New York?

Ladybug: Spider-Man...

Daddy:  Yes, Spider-Man lives in New York, but who in our family lives in New York.

Ladybug: Gigi.

Daddy: That's right, I'm going to be staying with Gigi at her home.

Ladybug: Are you going to see Spider-Man?

Daddy:  I would like too, but it's a big city and he swings around the top of buildings.

Ladybug:  No Daddy he shoots his web strings and he swings on houses and buildings over the street.

Daddy:  All right, but I'm not sure if I will be able to see him or not.

Ladybug:  You can take a picture of him when you see him.  You can go up to him and tell him you're a good guy so he doesn't beat you up.

Daddy:  Why would Spider-Man beat me up if I didn't tell him I was a good guy?  Do I look like a bad guy?

Ladybug:  No Daddy, that is why you tell him you're a good guy.  Are you going to see the Turtles?

Daddy:  The Ninja Turtles?

Ladybug:  Yeah Daddy, are you going to see them?

Daddy:  I don't know, baby.  They usually come out at night and they live in the sewers.

Ladybug: Why?

Daddy:  So they have a place to live and people won't bother them.

Ladybug:  So why don't you go down there and find them.

Daddy:  I'm not going down in the sewers, it's dark down there.

Ladybug:  Take a flashlight with you.

Daddy:  Even if I have a flashlight, I'm still not going down there.

Ladybug:  You can go down there alone, Daddy.

Daddy:  Uncle Edward is going too.

Ladybug:  Good so Uncle Edward will go down there with you.  You can take them some pizza.

Daddy:  Neither me or Uncle Edward will be going down in the sewers delivering pizzas to the Ninja Turtles.

Ladybug:  Okay then this is what you can do.  Put the pizza by the sewer hole.  It will get hot from the sun and the Turtles will smell the pizza and come out to get it.  You can see them then.

Daddy:  They're just going to come out of the sewers for the pizza?  Then what do I do?

Ladybug:  You need to tell them you're a good guy so they don't beat you up.


I love my daughter and her imagination.  I think I'll be using my video option on the phone to try and capture a couple scenes of Spider-Man and the Ninja Turtles for her while I'm there.

That is if they don't beat me up.

Have a great day my friends