Randomness and Cynicism - Eight

I haven't done an R&C for a while.  So I'll go back to the well for today's post.

KC picked Ladybug up from school on Monday.  We were excited as much as she was to be going to school.  Naturally, KC would be excited to hear what Ladybug's day was like.  So when KC asked what she did while at school, Ladybug responded "I don't know."

I always thought it was around 4th and 5th grade where the kids stopped talking about their day.  MaddSkillz would always come home and answer "Fine" when asked about his day.  It got so annoying, we told him he would need to find other ways to describe his day or face public humiliation.

One way I would try to publicly humiliate MaddSkillz (whether deserved or just some good bull hazing of the boy) was when I would pick him up after theatre practice.  I would have all the windows down and i would blare what he would call embarrassing music such as Yo Gabba Gabba, Tejano music or Miley Cyrus, Party in the USA.


If you are listening to the songs on my phone and you come across that one, it's strictly for that reason.


My wife gets upset with me if I waste food.  She gets upset when I drink all the Dr Pepper.  I tell her I'm doing what she wants me to do, I'm not letting the DP go bad.  Apparently, it's not the same thing.


A favorite event of mine happens twice a year.  Large Brush Pick Up.  I usually find out about it when neighbors start throwing out their brush, trash and crap to their curb.  We usually get a notice telling us about the upcoming event, but it really gives us no time to get stuff out there.  Every year I want to tear down the trees in my front yard, take down one in my back, and remove the trees from behind our house (our back yard is adjacent to a street so we have no rear neighbors).

I noticed people's crap in their yards and knew it must be coming soon.  I dreamt of a yard with non crappy trees and foliage.  But like everything else I want to do, I just can't find the time to do it.  I especially wanted to get those tress out from behind my fence out.

So I hear the sound of a chainsaw on Monday coming from behind the house.  I look out back and I see daylight coming into my backyard.  Some guys are moving around and portions of the trees are coming down.  

I go outside to see what's going on.  I'm assuming the city just wants to do me a favor.  They tell me they're moving the telephone poles eventually and need to trim back the trees and bushes that would get in the way of the telephone lines.  

I thank them for saving me the time I didn't have to do it, go back to inside grab a DP and start singing Party in the USA in a celebratory dance.