Open Letter To My Children

Dear MaddSkillz, Ladybug, Disco, Celi and Emsters,

Next Thursday you will wake up and I will be gone.  As you know I will be on my way to New York to visit your grandmother, Gigi.  I will be return on Tuesday afternoon.

This is the first time I've been away from you for an extended time and you all will definetly be missed.  I plan to call every morning and every evening before you go to bed so we can talk about what we did during the day.  When going somewhere or seeing a specific attraction, I will no doubt think that this would be something one of you would enjoy doing as well.

Maybe sometime in the future, Gigi will let us all crash at her Manhattan apartment and we can see the sights together.

While I will miss each of your physically and emotionally, I am certain to not miss the following things that may involve you:

  • I will not miss when Celi wakes up in the middle of the night for no reason.
  • I will not miss when Ladybug manages to find her way to my bed and I'm left sleeping on the bed frame.
  • I will not miss when Disco doesn't tell me he went poop and he stinks something awful.
  • I will not miss sitting in the bathroom and being hounded about strange noises that may come from said room.
  • I will not miss having to wake up to feed you.
  • I will not miss the fights and fits.
  • I will not miss the mess that is left in the wake of your destruction.
  • I will not miss your cartoons and the fighting over the TV.
  • I will not miss bath time.
  • I will not miss bed time drama.
  • I will not miss having to remind MaddSkillz to help out around the house.
  • I will not miss diaper changes.

Just because I will not miss these things, does not mean I will not miss you.

  • I will miss the hugs.
  • I will miss the kisses.
  • I will miss the "I love you Daddy"'s.
  • I will miss the smiles.
  • I will miss the laughing.
  • I will miss you sitting next to me on the couch.
  • I will miss just hanging out.
  • I will miss playing with you.
  • I will miss having you in the same house as me.

Emsters, while I am gone will be a great time for your vocabulary to expand so  you can say "Dada" all the time.  You're doing great getting around on your own now.  Keep it up.

Celi, you're doing really good kicking your pacifier addiction.  Keep your kitty with you wherever you go and she'll help you through the tough times.

Disco, you need to be a good brother to your sisters.  Take care of them for me while I am gone.

Ladybug, help Mommy out with whatever she needs.  Please don't throw any fits or pick on your brother to make him cry.

MaddSkillz, you just got back from summer vacation and you're going to New York next year.  Clean your room, wash the dishes and feed the dog.

I am setting something up so you can possibly experience what I am doing while I am doing it.  Hopefully you won't frustrate your mother to the point where she doesn't want to deal with it.

I love you all with all my heart, 

p.s.  Tell your mother her letter is coming next.